Robots enter the space aerospace industry

The latest humanoid robot R2 developed by NASA will be sent to space. It will work on the International Space Station in the future. Researchers hope that it will eventually accept the most dangerous and difficult space operations, replacing the (outboard) operations that must currently be performed by astronauts. . The R2 robot arrived at the International Space Station through NASA's space shuttle in February 2011. Before that, it has undergone a series of testing activities, such as testing the robot's ability to work in a vacuum environment, or whether it is capable of instability (vibration). The operation in the state.

In addition, the US government may launch another robotic work program, and the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency plans to implement a program called "Phoenix" in 2016 to allow a self-propelled robotic aircraft to operate from abandoned aircraft orbits. Remove the antenna, then reinstall the new communication system and rebuild the geostationary orbit communication satellite with the function. The benefits of this program are obvious: if you can manage to reuse old equipment that is already in orbit, rather than re-launching new satellites, the cost of military satellites will be greatly reduced, but to achieve this, significant technological advances are needed. Robot autonomous operation is realized on a synchronous track or even a farther track.

The report said that the $350 million NASA TRDS-K data relay satellite is a clear example. The satellite is equipped with two 4.9-meter non-foldable parabolic antennas. It was launched in January 2013 using Hercules V. When launched, the launch cost is as high as $200 million. “The cost of launch depends on the size of the antenna. The larger the antenna size, the higher the cost. If you can use existing resources, the cost can be greatly reduced.”

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