Jewelry showcase LED lighting options

Jewelry is favored by people, especially female consumers. For jewelry stores, the design and application of lighting in the product display is indispensable. LED manufacturers will study with you, LED in the jewelry showcase. Lighting tips.

Different jewels require different lights to match. The general considerations are color temperature, degree of illumination (brightness), and flicker. According to the relevant data, the jewellery can show the best appearance effect under the illumination of 3300K~5000K color temperature, especially the light source with continuous spectrum, which is the best for jewelry display.

In addition, designers should pay special attention to the following factors when choosing a light source:

First, because different lighting levels can distinguish the level of the jewelry store and the sales subject, so should have appropriate illumination;

Second, different flickering can make the jewels emit different brilliance. When the reflected light is more prominent, the jewels will be more dazzling;

Third, different color rendering, can show the correct color and clarity of jewelry, of course, the higher the color rendering, the more able to depict the delicate craftsmanship and true color of jewelry.

LED lamp manufacturers believe that LED spotlights or LED strips can be set for illumination, pay attention to the matching of light colors. For example, gold jewelry can be illuminated with a cold light cup; silver products or gemstone products can be illuminated with a sun cup. Due to the heat generated, the heat treatment of the showcase should be considered.

If the project costs permit, it is also a good choice to use LED lights to illuminate. The advantage is that it will not bring too much heat into the showcase. The design of the lights revolves around the principle of seeing the light, highlighting the displayed items.

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