Lighting project on the west bank of the two banks of Nanchang

Project Introduction

Nanchang City, the two sides of the landscape lighting renovation project, located between Nanchang Bridge and Bayi Bridge, the east and west sides of the Minjiang River, the riverside revetment and all Linjiang buildings. The West Coast project is located along the Yangtze River in the new area of ​​Honggutan. The original design required to upgrade the renovation involved 208 different buildings, from the Ferris wheel in the south to the AVIC International Plaza north of Bayi Bridge. It is expected to install about 700,000 sets of lamps, and the optimized design plan involves 172 different buildings.

The installation sites mainly include the buildings of the Linjiang Revetment Line, Century Square, Ferris Wheel, Bayi Bridge and Linjiang. The tall buildings with a height of more than 200 meters include the Xindi Center, the International Finance Center, and the Lianfa Square. The Sheraton New Wall Street Hotel, AVIC International Plaza, etc., is the highest point of the Xindi Center. It is also the focus and highlight of the east and west sides. The countdown to the beginning and the falling of the Xiaxia are all on the building.

Responsible unit: Zhongye Landscape Engineering Installation Co., Ltd.

Project panorama

Linjiang Building also involves many cities, halls, bureau-level units and more than 100 residential buildings. There are more than fifty or sixty types of lamps and lanterns installed. A total of about 450,000 sets of point lamps are installed. Linear lamps 5 About 10,000 sets, about 10,000 sets of floodlighting lamps, the amount of various pipelines reaches one million meters, and only one signal line has 600,000 meters. More than 95% of the landscape lighting fixtures are imported. Chip LED light source.

Ferris wheel huge clock

Qiu Shui Square fountain dances

Super high-rise buildings are one of the main difficulties in the West Bank project. The Xindi Center and the Bank of China are the highlights of the East and West, and are the focus of the entire project. The Xindi Center has a 60-storey building and is a building under construction with a total height of 237 meters. It is also the tallest building along the river. The two buildings in Xindi and Zhongxing are equipped with a separate bracket for each fixture. The installation of point lamps is 7 About 10,000 points, the installation of linear lamps is about 6,000, the signal line is installed at about 70,000 meters, and all the lines on the outer wall are hidden by special aluminum wire grooves.

Xindi Center