LED charm of the new generation of light source in the 21st century (2): brightness, temperature, energy saving, life

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21st Century New Generation Light Source Charm LED (1)

Today, many new roads use LED street lights as road lighting. Compared with the high-pressure sodium lamps used in traditional road lighting, the power-saving effect of LED street lights is surprising. A good quality 112W LED street light is actually tested. Both the data and the human eye sensory effect can be equated with or better than the traditional 250W high-pressure sodium lamp effect, so the energy saving of the LED street lamp is about 50%.
LED for home lighting, its energy-saving effect is also obvious, an LED bulb looks ordinary, but in fact it is very unusual, the general equipment for testing the optical data of the luminaire is the integrating sphere, put any luminaire into it, all optics The data can be seen at a glance. We put a 5W LED bulb and a 40W traditional incandescent bulb into a 2m diameter integrating sphere to measure their luminous flux. The test result data shows that the 40W incandescent bulb luminous flux is 227.5 lumens. The luminous flux also reflects how bright the brightness of the lights commonly spoken by ordinary people. The luminous flux of 5 watt LED bulbs reaches 366.5 lumens. The 5 watt LED bulbs are 50% brighter than 40W incandescent bulbs. In contrast, the brightness of a 5 watt LED bulb can completely replace the brightness of a 40 watt incandescent bulb, and the power saving is at least 80%. The test proves that a large part of the energy of the traditional incandescent lamp becomes heat and is dissipated. It will be very hot, so the traditional incandescent lamp is not efficient in converting electricity into light. At the same time, the surface temperature measurement of incandescent lamps and LED bulbs is made. It has been shown that the surface temperature of incandescent bulbs is as high as 90°, which is as fast as 100°, and the surface temperature of LED bulbs is only 35°. On the contrary, LED lamps can convert more electric energy into light energy, and the bulb temperature is not very high. The luminous efficiency of LED lamps is much higher than that of traditional electric lamps, so it is more energy efficient.
The quality of LED light source with good quality is generally 20,000 to 50,000 hours, which is 5 to 10 times that of ordinary fluorescent light source, and 20 times that of incandescent light source. It is used by a household in Beijing for 100 degrees of electricity per month. For example, after all replacement for LED lamps, about 60% of the time, that is, 60 degrees of electricity can be saved every month, 720 degrees of electricity per year, calculated according to the first electricity and electricity costs of 0.49 yuan, saving electricity costs of 29.4 yuan per month, one year down. The cost of electricity for LED lamps is about 352.8 yuan. People pay more attention to the quality of LED lighting while paying more attention to the quality of LED lighting. LED lamps can simultaneously adjust the brightness and adjust the color temperature. This is often difficult for traditional light sources. The color temperature is an indicator of the color of white light. The lower the color temperature, the brighter the color of the light. The higher the color temperature, the more blue the color is. The color temperature is generally divided into: 3000K for warm white light and 4000K for Positive white light, 6000K is cool white light. For the 6000K cold white light gives a more sober state, for outdoor road lighting, it uses warm white light, people have a sense of solidity on the road; security sense generally uses cool white light in office lighting; warm white light of 3000K will give People have a feeling of relaxation, nature, safety and comfort. In the home lighting or shopping malls, some furniture stores often use warm white color temperature segments. The color rendering index is another important indicator to measure the pros and cons of the luminaire. The closer the color rendering index of the light source is to 100, the better the performance of the original color is restored. For example, we buy clothes in the clothing store, if the light inside is colored. If the sex is high, the color reproduction of the clothes will be very vivid. It is generally true. Generally, in the household or office, the color rendering index is generally required to be above 80. According to the above test data, the color rendering index of the LED lamp is 86.4. The standard requirements, the seemingly inconspicuous LED lights are full of unique and unique charm.

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