How to effectively improve the safety of driving? The headlight control system is the key!

Most of the current lights use a fixed design, which can not meet the safety vision requirements required for driving at different speeds and road conditions. Therefore, the research unit developed sensors that combine brightness, speed and distance, as well as motor control and LED light source mode. The adjustable headlight control system built by the group will further improve driving safety.

At present, most of the lights commonly used by the public do not have automatic brightness adjustment and switching functions. Therefore, this paper proposes a light source system that combines the light source adjustment mechanism and the automatic control concept.

The system uses a plurality of single wafers to form a distributed control system. The control chip detects the driving safety distance and automatically adjusts the driving light source projection, and the brightness sensor detects the ambient light source brightness value. When the ambient brightness is sufficient, the control system will adjust the motor to make the light-emitting diode (LED) illumination source to the lens focus to form a high-brightness projection; when the surrounding brightness is insufficient, the motor reverse adjustment causes the LED illumination source and the lens to be reduced in distance, and projected The LED beam angle has a wide projection area, which effectively enables the driving of the traffic harness at night to quickly grasp the driving condition. In addition, a distance detector is arranged behind the system to remind the driving distance behind the driving to improve driving safety at night.

LED will become the main road lighting equipment in the future

Motor vehicles, electric vehicles or bicycles are now highly mobile vehicles with high performance, and such tools are prone to traffic accidents due to poor warning. In some advanced countries, it is necessary to turn on the lights at night and night. The purpose is to remind other passers-by to ensure safe driving on the road. At present, the academic community has put forward a number of automotive lighting systems that can improve driving safety. The following is a list of points.

. Car headlight automatic induction lighting system

The system uses a light sensor and a temperature and humidity sensor to determine whether it is day, night, rain or fog, and automatically turns on the headlight function. Most of the headlights used in general road vehicles use relays to control the reflectors to adjust the light source of the lights. This type of fixing is easy to illuminate the road surface due to improper lamp holders. The overall projection angle of the light source is high, causing glare to the incoming vehicles. Affect traffic safety.

. Active headlight control system

The system includes automatic steering and horizontal adjustment. The lamp holder is designed by the encoder to detect the steering wheel angle, the micro switch and the stepping motor to achieve the headlight automatic steering control. The research is driven by the sensor device and the motor. Establish an active headlight control system.

. Suitable road headlight steering system

In order to allow the driver to see the road ahead in advance, the study designed to use the head rotation to calculate the angle that the headlight should project, while the horizontal adjustment uses the ultrasonic sensor to detect the front and rear road heights to achieve the headlight automatic level. Adjusted features.

In addition to the functionality and practicality of the lamps in recent years, the appearance and shape have become the demand for product design, and the lamp industry has also shown this phenomenon. Due to the advancement of power-type LED manufacturing technology and the improvement of luminous intensity, and because of its small size, light weight, power saving, long life, low heat generation, fast reaction speed and good seismic performance, the momentum is rising.

LED lighting will be the main lighting equipment for road traffic in the future. Most of the common lighting methods are locked and fixed to the front or frame, and there is no automatic adjustment of the brightness of the light source and the switching function of the near and far lights. Improper user equipment affects other road users, and when illuminated under bright street lights, the light source projected by the LED cannot automatically adjust the brightness and the distance of the light, so that the LED light source is easily covered by the light of the street light, allowing the driving The vehicle in the vehicle cannot clearly understand the direction of the bicycle. If the vehicle at high speed does not have the switching function of the near and far lights, the vehicle driving can not clearly understand the road conditions in the distance. This proves that switching the lighting device is one of the devices that are indispensable for driving at night.

Introduction to the headlight system

Since the driving speed of the vehicle on the traffic road is different, the required safety vision will also change, in order to improve the safety of driving. This paper proposes a decentralized control system in which each wafer only makes the corresponding result of the input signal (Figure 1) to reduce the computation time. The system uses a brightness sensor, a speed sensor, and a distance sensor, respectively. The system can change with the movement of the vehicle and the brightness of the surrounding environment. The switching of the near and far lights can be precisely changed by the angle of the servo motor to achieve the automatic multi-stage angle adjustment of the tilt angle of the lamp light source and the distance between the motor-driven screw adjusting lens and the LED light source. Change the beam angle projected by the LED to automatically adjust the brightness adjustment of the near and far lights and illumination.

Figure 1 Decentralized control system design architecture

The control system is composed of a plurality of modules, which are respectively a chip control module, an ambient brightness light source sensing module, a motor control circuit module and a vehicle speed speed sensor module, and a C language programming system.

Main control system design

The system uses several Holtek HT66F50 control chips (Figure 2) with self-designed hardware circuits. Each set of hardware circuits has its own functions to reduce system dispersion time. The control chip will be connected with the output state of each sensing module, converted into a digital signal, and then compared, counted, counted and other functions to calculate the change of the vehicle travel, and make a corresponding security early warning function.

Figure 2 control chip hardware circuit


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