CNC plans to issue HK$160 million in new shares to fund LED advertising projects

Xinhua News Agency's Hong Kong-listed subsidiary, China Xinhua TV Holdings Co., Ltd. (CNC), is trying to raise up to HK$160 million (HK$1 to approximately RMB0.8) through the issuance of new shares to fund outdoor advertising projects.

On November 15, the CNC announced that it has signed a framework contract with Alto Electronics. It plans to build and install a total of about 200 LED displays in approximately 100 commercial real estate development projects within one year. Alto Electronics announced that the estimated total amount of the contract is 160 million to 220 million yuan.

Xinhua TV executive director Xie Tianlong said that if there is money, then the plan is feasible. Building a large LED display from 80 square meters to 200 square meters requires 1.2 million yuan to 3 million yuan. "We currently have a working capital of 12 million Hong Kong dollars... This will be enough to build three or four LED screens."

Xie Tianlong also said that Xinhua TV plans to rent the display at a price below the market price to quickly recycle funds to build more displays. Once rented to an advertising company, Xinhua TV will be responsible for the news content, and the rest of the time can be sold to advertisers.

Xinhua TV was listed in Hong Kong in 2010 and is mainly invested in water engineering services, road engineering services, site formation works and television broadcasting. It now hopes to enter the field of outdoor advertising.

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