Optimistic about LED opportunities in mainland China

Optimistic about LED opportunities in mainland China Taiwanese companies have set up factories in the west Optimistic about LED lighting business opportunities in mainland China, in response to customer demand, Taiwan's sapphire substrate plant has set up factories in the west. Taiwanese manufacturers including Zhaoyuan and Jingmei have set up factories. Xinjing Diamond is also actively looking for suitable locations to set up factories. The legal person expects that in 2013, the mainland will become the main battlefield of Taiwan's sapphire substrate factory.

For the recent market situation of sapphire substrates, the manufacturers stated that LED chip factories in December are inventories, and the pulling condition is slightly declining. Therefore, December should be a relatively low point, and wait until the customer inventory falls to a low level, in January 2013. It is expected to begin to cover the inventory again. However, the manufacturer pointed out that shipments are not a problem. It is the quotation to be observed, whether it can stop falling and rebound, and also negotiate with customers.


Peng Zhiqiang, general manager of Zhaoyuan, said that the investment company Shandong Yuanhong photoelectric equipment has gradually entered the third quarter of this year, with a total monthly production capacity of 100,000 to 120,000 pieces. Currently, the monthly production capacity is about 50,000 pieces, and the main shipping products are still 2 sapphire sapphire substrate.

Xin Jing drilling

Xinjing Diamond actively sought a location in China last year, but it is still in the evaluation stage. Currently, only a commerce company has been established in Zhangjiagang, Jiangsu Province, serving customers nearby. The spokesperson of Xinjing Diamond said that the location of the plant is still being looked for, mainly to consider two conditions: electricity price and preferential conditions for local governments.

Xin Jing pointed out that the power consumption of the sapphire substrate is large, so the impact of the price of electricity on the cost is not small; in addition, the supply chain near the factory site is also considered. Xinjing Diamond stated that, in view of the current situation, if a sapphire substrate factory is to be established, since the company's current self-sufficiency rate for sapphire crystal rods is not high, it also requires outsourcing, so it is also necessary to find a suitable crystal rod supply plant. It is understood that the internal planning of Xinjing Diamond will expand the equipment with a unit production capacity of 150,000 substrates per month.

Crystal Beauty

Jingmei is currently the Taiwanese base plate plant with the largest production capacity in the mainland on a single month. The Jiangsu Yancheng plant has been officially put into production in late October of this year. The initial production capacity is about 200,000 pieces. It is understood that the Jingmei Jiangsu Yancheng plant can have a monthly production capacity of up to 2 million. The film will continue to purchase equipment for expansion based on market demand.

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