Shanghai Yaming: Revolving LED brand remodeling

[Source: "High - tech LED - Research and Review" December issue reporter / Tang Guirong ]

The Kunming Yaming Dayou Optoelectronics Project was established and terminated, but in just 9 months, it carried Shanghai Yaming. China’s first national lighting company is also China’s first light bulb manufacturer, accelerating the transformation of LED lighting. dream.
On December 5, 2012, Shanghai Yaming parent company Feile Audio (600651) announced that the company had held the fifth meeting of the ninth session of the board of directors. The meeting reviewed and approved the termination of the Taiwan Dayou International Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. Proposal to establish a joint venture contract for a joint venture company.
The person in charge of Feile Audio said that considering the development of LED technology and the actual situation of the project, the board of directors agreed to terminate the joint venture project and authorized the management of the company to complete the relevant procedures for terminating the joint venture contract.
In fact, the joint venture, which was one of the participating companies in Taiwan's leading chip company, Jingyuan Optoelectronics, was initially given great expectations. At that time, Liu Jingwei, the chairman of Shanghai Yaming, said that the joint venture company will be mass-produced in mid-September. It is estimated that the annual sales of the joint venture will reach about 100 million US dollars in the next three years, and the products will be mainly sold to overseas markets.
“Traditional lighting companies are looking for a right time to cut into LED lighting. Maybe the idea at the time was like this, but with the changes in the industrial environment, these companies may have more plans and ideas.” Wang Junbo, deputy general manager of the sales center Jingyuan Baochen Optoelectronics said.
Considering that the LED home lighting market and potential consumers need a certain amount of time to cultivate, most traditional lighting companies will be more cautious in the expansion of retail channels. For Kunshan Yaming Dayou Optoelectronics, this year is obviously not the best time to invest.
After experiencing the breakup with Philips, the company intends to transform its own brand from OEM, to the acquisition of Shenglu LED lighting, and then to the LED joint venture project today, Shanghai Yaming's LED lighting transformation is still only swaying in the storm.
The retail market is blocked

In fact, not only Shanghai Yaming, but also many traditional lighting companies, including NVC Lighting and Foshan Lighting, tried to get involved in the LED upstream and downstream through joint ventures and other means in 2012.
"Traditional lighting companies are looking for a suitable point in time in order to find the best time to cut into the LED lighting market and get the most benefit." At the beginning of this year, in the eyes of many insiders, 2012 should be the turning point of LED lighting. However, neither penetration nor product gross margins are as expected. According to statistics from the High-tech LED Industry Research Institute (GLII), the average gross profit margin of LED indoor lighting products in 2012 was only 30%, a decrease of 40% compared with 2011.
Coincidentally, a few months before Shanghai Yaming announced the termination of the LED joint venture project, NVC Lighting resigned due to Wu Changjiang’s resignation, and the cooperation with Ruifeng Optoelectronics has been stranded; Foshan Lighting has dismissed the new LED lighting cost. Energy company.

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