What special QR code companies or QR codes are there on the market today?

Since the QR code is open source, the basic profit sources of companies doing QR code business at home and abroad are all providing solutions.

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Among the big companies, there are so many famous ones who are active in the development of QR code business:

1 Tencent - WeChat QR code scanning. Needless to say, this round of QR code boom was brought up by WeChat. (See Tiger sniffing the old Wen Tencent O2O, who moved the site.)

2 Alibaba - a cost-effective, Alipay. Alibaba's poly-costing and a number of electronic voucher companies to send consumer vouchers to mobile phones. Consumers can pass the certification when they go to the store to scan their mobile phones.

Alipay also announced this summer that it will cooperate with Focus Media. All Alipay ads in Focus can only be purchased and paid on mobile phones by scanning the QR code.

3 Sogou - mobile phone input method. Sogou's mobile phone input method also carries the QR code scan code function, which not only supports the user to directly jump to the pointed content after scanning the code, but also supports the scanned link information directly into the input content.

4 Sina - Weibo. Under the pressure of WeChat, Weibo had to officially announce the launch of the QR code function on September 24 to seize the mobile Internet portal. The Weibo QR code now provides the functions of opening a profile page to quickly and easily open a specific web page, and directly opening a microblog posting box for which specific content has been entered.

In addition, the well-known companies in the industry that make QR codes are Shanghai Wing Code and Galaxy Media. Both business models are relatively clear, they provide hardware, and provide certification for customers, forming a closed-loop service from sending code, column data to authentication. Wing code has also recently worked with GA.

Looking back at the technology, it provides a similar service to Pitney Bowes in the United States. It provides a free platform to allow users to complete a series of work from the mobile phone QR code scanning app to generating, producing and counting.

Do the scanning code APP "Snap the QR code" smart snapshot, I can not see clearly, I feel that they want to do anything, but now the market can only see a mobile phone scanning software. They have data that the target for this year is 50 million users, accounting for 80% of the market, but there is no WeChat high in the high, WeChat now 200 million users, one by two-dimensional code recognition, no other family can not compete.

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