Haier unveils the era of central air-conditioning boutique engineering

Haier unveils the era of central air-conditioning boutique engineering Recently, after the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development jointly issued the "Notice of the Green Building Action Plan," the new policy, which is expected to shake the trillion-dollar energy-saving market, has once again injected fresh blood into the industry, especially the central air-conditioning industry closely linked with green building. Became the focus of attention. The reporter found that in the face of this major “turn”, the Haier central air-conditioner has taken the lead in implementing the “innovation-driven” development strategy in the face of this major “turn of opportunity.” It puts forward the goal of building quality projects and integrates the resources of high-quality service providers to create an industry model. The project started the era of "boutique engineering" for central air conditioning.

Leading energy-saving technologies lay the foundation for green building

“Green building is not just referring to building materials green.” Industry sources told reporters that the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development jointly issued the “Notice of Green Building Action Plan”, which brought a turning point to the central air-conditioning industry and also brought many challenges. In particular, there is a higher demand for energy efficiency. The reporters found that in response to this demanding demand and users’ desire for green energy, Haier has integrated various global R&D forces to promote a series of innovative energy-saving products such as magnetic levitation, DC full-conversion multi-connection, and home central air-conditioning, which are nearly perfect. Performance continues in many areas of energy conservation.

Taking Haier magnetic levitation central air-conditioning as an example, it can realize zero-friction operation of the compressor without oil and eliminate the component loss caused by mechanical friction to the maximum extent, greatly improving the energy efficiency and operation stability of air-conditioning, and saving energy than ordinary products. The increase of 50% also significantly reduces the post-maintenance costs and extends the service life by 25 years. Haier’s central air-conditioning has become the preferred brand for energy conservation in rail transit, hotels, government buildings, and commercial real estate.

The whole process solution opens the era of excellent engineering

According to reports, air conditioners are said to have "three-point quality, seven-point installation," saying that Haier central air-conditioning not only guarantees the leading edge of air-conditioning technology and quality, but also takes the lead in putting forward a full-process guarantee solution for quality projects. "Only by using a sound and rational design scheme and a strict and high-standard project management system to create a complete package solution can we truly ensure customer satisfaction and customer satisfaction." Haier central air conditioning related person in charge told reporters that Haier central air conditioning In the industry, it took the lead in breaking the current status of "industry-free projects" and based on energy-saving leading products, a complete set of high-quality engineering solutions including program design, construction and installation, commissioning and supervision.

Haier magnetic levitation central air-conditioning stationed in Shimao Gongsan builds quality project
It is understood that this is Haier central air-conditioning following the "procurement, design, installation, supervision, maintenance," including the five-stage standard services, the deepening of the construction of a fine project protection program. Prior to, during, and after each project, we will focus on creating “boutique” goals, and select excellent service providers with service capabilities, design capabilities, installation capabilities, and supervision capabilities to create quality projects together.

According to analysis by industry experts, from the energy-saving subsidies to the implementation of green building policies, it is not difficult to see the country’s determination to develop energy-saving and emission-reduction, and the implementation of the innovation-driven development strategy put forward in the report of the 18th National Congress also points out the development direction for all enterprises. Haier central air-conditioning has always been centered on consumer demand. It not only breaks the monopoly of foreign technologies by magnetic levitation central air-conditioning, but also creates a “boutique” solution concept and scheme that has become a model for the industry.

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