Brilliant expansion is not a Bomei opportunity to take advantage of

[Source: "Engineering LED- lighting market," the November issue of reporter / He Xingling]

With the deepening of Chengdu's “Northern Reform” plan, there is a new plan for Chengbei and Chengdong. The development of a large number of real estate projects will enhance the consumption of the furniture market. The plastic furniture city of China is born, which will end the large and medium-end high-end of Chengdu Northeast. The history of furniture stores. It is reported that the brilliant lighting city and Bomei home are competing to enter.

Brilliant, twists and turns

It is rumored that the contract signed by Chengdu Huihuang Lighting City and the owner of the brilliant lighting real estate will soon expire, and the brilliant real estate owner will reclaim the pavement and re-lease others.

In this regard, the relevant person in charge of the brilliant lighting city planning department clarified to the "Lighting Market" reporter, the brilliant lighting city is still the original brilliant lighting city, will not change for any reason. However, the brilliant lighting city will open up a new lighting market, creating a lighting flagship store, the location is the plastic Chengdu International Trade Center.

In order to further understand the progress of the splendid lighting city expansion, the reporter came to the Chengdu Plastic International Trade Center in Mulan Town, Xindu District, Chengdu. The actual situation was unexpected. The advertisements and investment information of the brilliant lighting city that existed three months ago have now been withdrawn, and only the advertisements of Bomei Furniture are suspended.

While it is said that the site selection has been confirmed, the evacuation has disappeared without a trace. What is the reason?

Bomei Merchants Chess First

In May of this year, the brilliant lighting city, Bomei Decoration City and China Plastic Group officially signed. The cooperation agreement shows that Bomei will build Bomei Furniture MALL in China Plastics Chengdu International Trade Center; Brilliant Lighting City will integrate its many lighting brand resources and build a lighting flagship store in China Plastics. At the same time, some merchants in Guzhen Town, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province will also be stationed in China Plastics, which will form “the preferred place for furniture lighting purchase in western China” and “China Lighting Chengdu Marketing Center”.

It is reported that the brilliant lighting city plans to relocate to the China Plastics Project, and its demand for operating area even exceeds the supply of the remaining shops in Building 1 of the China Plastics Commercial Market. After the brilliant lighting city and Bomei Furniture signed the contract at the same time, the investment promotion work was almost simultaneously carried out. Today, why did you see that Bomei did not see glory?

In this regard, Deng Jing, deputy manager of the marketing planning department of China Plastics Group, told the reporter that “the brilliant lighting city will not be relocated to the China Plastics Group for the time being. It was originally intended to give a brilliant 80,000 square meters site, which has been given to Bomei Furniture. Yes, the demand for investment in Bomei Furniture is relatively large, and the investment is rapid. In contrast, the brilliant lighting city is far behind. Because it can not complete the investment promotion work, it decided not to relocate to China Plastics. At present, the investment promotion of Bomei Furniture It is nearing the end, just waiting for the renovation to open."

"The signing of Brilliant Lighting City and Zhongsu will continue to be effective. After the construction of the third group of China Plastics, the brilliant lighting city will be built into the lighting flagship store, which takes about two years to build," said Deng Jing.

Obviously, the brilliant lighting city this time due to the loss of investment leads to the expansion plan, which will make it inferior to the hypermarket competition. On the one hand, the "Northern Reform" plan will relocate all large-scale stores to the Third Ring Road. On the other hand, if you want to relocate to the China Plastics Group, you will have to wait two years. Where the brilliant lighting city has become a problem.

Bomei accepts brilliant "big gift"

After Bomei unknowingly swallowed the site of the brilliant lighting city, there were big and big ones. It will be the largest flagship store of Bomei Decoration City in China from the first to fourth floors of the 300,000-square-meter China Plastics Trade Center, and will be officially named “Zhongsu? Home Lighting City-Bomei Home MALL”.

The reporter's investigation found that the store of Bomei Furniture MALL is different from other stores. According to the relevant person in charge, the single-storey operating area of ​​the store is more than 35,000 square meters, which is twice the single-storey area of ​​the ordinary household store in the city. The total operating area is 260,000 square meters, 6 floors above ground, 2 floors underground, and the first floor. 30,000 square meters will become a lighting store.

Deng Jing told reporters that Bomei Furniture MALL is positioned as a medium and high-end home professional store, mainly engaged in furniture, lighting, building materials, etc., using the batch and zero mode. In addition, there are also child care areas, dining and entertainment areas, home trend areas, home improvement consulting areas, etc., it is proposed to introduce KFC, Starbucks and cinema lines, plus 5A office buildings, so that home lighting exhibitions are no longer simplistic . In the future, it will become a one-stop, international home decoration building materials product exhibition center integrating home trade, culture, catering, leisure, e-commerce, logistics and distribution.

Brilliant lighting city will come back

Faced with the same opportunities, they are now far from being thrown away by competitors, but the brilliant lighting city has not given up the appointment to enter China Plastics. Then, what kind of charm does the China Plastics Trade Center have in the end that the brilliant lighting will be remembered?

The reporter investigated and learned that the China Plastics Chengdu International Trade Center is a three-level government key project of the provincial and municipal governments that was invested by Chengdu Zhongsu Investment Development Co., Ltd. with more than 6 billion yuan. The project covers an area of ​​more than 1,100 mu. It is located in Mulan Town, the north of the city's trade and logistics corridor. It is surrounded by five major highways: Chengcheng, Chengmian, Chengnan, Chengyu and Chengle. Baocheng, Chengkun and Chengyu are the three railway lines and Jintang. Second airport, light rail and other transportation advantages. Moreover, at present, Ximen and Nanmen in Chengdu already have a lot of furniture, lighting and building materials stores, and the northeast is a good time to develop, so no one wants to miss it.

However, Deng Jing said, “The three groups have now set a good position and the land has already been vacated. However, the government has given limited land indicators every year. There are no indicators this year, so it cannot be built. Only when it is to be built next year, it will take two The time of year is built."

This means that the brilliant lighting city will have to wait at least two years to build a long-planned lighting flagship store before finding a new location. At that time, whether the brilliant lighting city can really achieve "will return to the Bomei Furniture in the China Plastics Trade Center", let us wait and see.

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