Panasonic flagship LED focuses on China

Panasonic flagship LED focuses on China Panasonic, the largest lighting company in Japan, has been promoting high-quality LED lighting this year, focusing on the layout of its downstream LED products. Taiwan’s Kobelco, Lunda, and Jingdian are expected to benefit, and OLED lighting has also been introduced this year.

According to Sato Sato, the head of Panasonic's LED lighting business division, the global lighting market is now over 6 trillion yen (about NT$1.9 trillion). LED lighting will penetrate quickly. By 2015, LED lighting will grow four times; Japan LED lighting The highest penetration rate in the world is currently up to 40%.

Sato Shengji said that Japan's rapid growth, mainly due to personal, corporate, government awareness of energy conservation, government incentives, companies take the lead in the replacement and other reasons, the future of LED lighting will continue to flourish in Japan, Panasonic will provide higher quality LED lighting.

It is understood that Japan's lighting manufacturers, Panasonic biased layout in the LED downstream product line, estimated that this year's market in Japan will account for 37.5%. Considering that Japan's LED lighting will reach saturation in the next few years, Panasonic will develop overseas and focus on the Chinese mainland and Europe.

At present, major manufacturers such as Taiwan’s Guang Baoke and Lunda are all OEMs of Panasonic, and the source of the crystals of Guang Baoke is Jingdian.

At the Japan Lighting Fair, a few manufacturers exhibited OLEDs. Matsushita Idemitsu OLED Lighting Co., Ltd., which is owned by Panasonic, was one of them. Director Akashi Kurosawa of the company stated that Matsushita Group is optimistic about the application of OLEDs to surface light sources. The club was established in April 2010 and will start mass production this year.

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