Philips LED lights work 20,000 hours without failure

The US Department of Energy (DOE) continued to test Philips Lighting's L-winning LED Lights. The winner of this L award did not fail during the 20,000-hour test.
Philips won the L award for LED lights
The US Department of Energy released a report of its test of Philips' L-winning LED lights. The LED lamp provides illumination equivalent to a 60 watt retrofit luminaire and completes the task of 20,000 hours of trouble-free operation. According to the report, 200 samples of Philips are still running after 20,000 hours of operation. The initial output lumen maintenance rate is maintained above 100% on average, and the ambient temperature for testing is maintained at 45 °C. Based on the test results, the Department of Energy believes that the luminaire can provide more than 18 years of trouble-free lighting for the average household.
A report released by the US Department of Energy concluded that the energy cost per LED can be as high as $20, which makes Home Depot's $30 LED light more competitive.
Not only that, but some utilities across the United States will also give kickbacks to consumers who purchase this light bulb, and Efficiency Vermont offers consumers a $20 refund through the Home Depot store. Mid-state power supply companies in southern Minnesota offer $20 rebates for businesses and $15 for consumers. Puget Sound Energy in Washington State offers consumers a $10 refund plus a $5 discount coupon available at the Home Depot store and a $20 refund for commercial customers. The official website of the L Awards also lists a complete list of other offers in Illinois, Colorado and Massachusetts.

3535 SMD LED , size is 3.5*3.5mm and the voltage is 2.8-3.5V.

In this catalog, we mainly introduce the 3535 Blue SMD LED of visible light. 

3535 Blue SMD LED got a bigger size than the others SMD LED, which mean it will got a wider beam than the others SMD LED. People always deeply loved by their high brightness.

It is often used in LED lighting, LED Lamps, LED backlight, LED panel lights, LED furniture, grow light LED, fill light LED, LED aperture and other lighting products.

We supply kinds of 3535 SMD LED with different wavelength from 365nm to 1550nm, which include the visible LED and the invisible LED.
In this catalog, we mainly introduce the 3535 blue SMD LED.

For this blue SMD LED, we can package with single chip 3535 SMD LED or 2 chips 3535 SMD LED, and the power can be 1W 3535 blue SMD LED, 2W 3535 blue SMD LED, 3W 3535 blue SMD LED and so on.

3535 Blue SMD LED

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