Let the LEDs emit incandescent lights

Long nights, when you are alone, have you missed the incredible light of incandescent lamps? In Japan, because incandescent lamps are too inefficient, they have been banned from production, but many people still miss the warm glow of incandescent lamps. How can we keep this precious and special light source and improve energy efficiency? Panasonic decided to combine incandescent lamps with LEDs, so the CLEAR LED was born.
In fact, the current LED lights also have their weakness, that is, the diffusivity of light. If you can integrate the advantages of incandescent lamps into LED lights, it would be great. Well, Panasonic is like this dripping ~
As shown above, the left side is the CLEAR LED bulb developed by Panasonic, while the right side is the ordinary LED light. The light on the left is sharper and the shape of the bulb is more pronounced than on the right.
Panasonic engineers said that the combination of incandescent lamps and LEDs is the most perfect lighting. With a warm and nostalgic atmosphere, it also reduces energy consumption. Panasonic CLEAR LED development team leader said that as an old technician, he was very uncomfortable with the sudden disappearance of incandescent lamps that had been used for a long time, so they could make CLEAR LEDs.
So, how do you make LEDs shine like incandescent lamps? The secret lies in the filament. The initial topics of development were "skin" and "diffusion of light." Since the LED is a linear light source, the light is difficult to diffuse.
The usual LED bulbs are translucent and have reflectors added to allow the light to expand. But because of the re-emergence of the incandescent light, translucency would not work. In order to solve this problem, the filament codenamed LDA4LC has entered the developer's sight.
The light that floats in the air is emitted by the filament LDA4LC, but without the reflector, the ductility of the light is still not enough.
Therefore, CLEAR LED adopts the most transparent substrate of alumina, which makes the light transparent and the heat conduction is better.
Then there is still a problem. A typical LED lamp has a built-in fixed water-green translucent plate with a yellow phosphor on it. So what about the CLEAR LED? The answer is that the phosphor is sandwiched by two transparent substrates and the surface is extremely smooth, so that the soft and warm light of the incandescent lamp can be restored.
In order to restore the effect of the incandescent lamp, the position of the light source is exactly the same as that of the old incandescent lamp. The two thin pillars, the energized wires, and so on are all identical. The goal is to be identical except that the illuminator is changed to LED.
As a light bulb, one more thing that needs to be solved is the energy efficiency. The usual LED bulbs are covered by a large heat sink, so that the heat is not lost and the LED life is increased.
However, the filament used in the Panasonic CLEAR LED is floating in the air, so the larger heat sink can not be used. The production team did not endlessly, and simply adopted a new type of white resin sandwiched between the filaments and the pillars.
The resin is suitable for heat dissipation and has high morphology and plasticity. The heat of the LED is transferred to the resin through the aluminum alloy having high thermal conductivity for heat dissipation. The final result is the picture above.
In order to achieve the same finality as incandescent lamps, Panasonic developers can dilute the LEDs without much effort, as much as possible to achieve the brightest and most similar. The development goal of the production team is that the color temperature is exactly the same as that of the 40W and 60W incandescent lamps. In order to achieve the bright retro effect unique to incandescent lamps, the developers can be said to be full of brains.
Actually used in electric lights, the lighting visual effects unmatched by ordinary energy-saving lamps and LED lights are revealed. The perfect restoration of the crystal light and the fantastic lighting effect, a simple light bulb, completely changed the indoor atmosphere.
Like a star, such a beautiful lighting effect is absolutely unmatched by ordinary LED bulbs.
Panasonic CLEAR LED won the 2011 Japan GOOD DESIGN Gold Award and the 2012 German iF Product Design Award. It has already started selling in Japan and Europe, but it has not yet entered China. Xiaobian is very much looking forward to the CLEAR LED can enter the homes of ordinary people.
It is said that human cognition of color temperature comes from the sunshine of ancient times. In the wild land of Yuangu, the yellow sunshine can bring warmth and hope. When Panasonic engineers developed the CLEAR LED, they must have a similar mood.

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