LED driver can be operated in +85 ° C environment

RECOM International Power GmbH has released RCD-24-0.35 constant current LED driver with low internal power consumption and can operate at +85 °C ambient temperature under full load conditions. This architecture achieves a slim structure within a 22.1 x 12.6 x 8.5 mm chassis size. A version of the PCB via and floating conductors has been available, and RECOM is also developing a surface mount version.

RCD driver DC input voltage is 4.5 ~ 36V, output voltage 1.2 ~ 35V, output current 350mA (500mA and 700mA development), output current accuracy ± 2% typical, chop / noise below 120Vpp, and dimming function 0 To 100%. The RCD drive family is easy to use, requires no setup or adjustment, and meets EMC, EMI, and component safety standards without the need for any external components. This converter is manufactured from UL-94V0 material and meets fire safety requirements.

If you want to work in the best operating state to produce consistent brightness and color, multiple high-brightness LEDs should be driven by a constant current of 350mA, 500mA or 700mA depending on the type. This constant current module can be included in the LED bulb or Individually adhered so that it can be installed or replaced as other traditional lighting fixtures.

RECOM LED drivers are suitable for a wide range of DC powered applications such as stackers, traffic signs, railway signal lights, aircraft interior lighting, hazardous environments, buses and other industrial and transportation uses. The module has a switch control pin through which the converter can be discharged, and the pulse width modulation signal can be used to dim anywhere from 10Hz to 1000Hz. RECOM also offers a "Ready-to-Go" solution that can be installed without external components.
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