Wu Changjiang has to sell 50 billion yuan in 2008 (Photos)

At the time, NVC was the first in the industry to launch a specialty store through a cash subsidy dealer to establish a local brand image. Wu Changjiang said: "In the first three years, our funds were very tight, and all the money we earned was invested in product research and development, and we built a specialty store. In the Spring Festival of 2000, the whole family even borrowed 20,000 yuan for the New Year. In 2001, when NVC sales exceeded 100 million yuan, I only earned more than 1 million in the same year."

On June 8, foreign lighting giants GE, Philips and Osram attended the largest Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition in Asia with a strong lineup. However, at the venue, private local lighting giant Guangdong Huizhou NVC grabbed the limelight of the foreign brand with the largest booth of more than 400 square meters.

Guangdong Huizhou NVC Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "NVC") is biased toward Yuedong, but in the eyes of GE, Philips, and Osram foreign giants, NVC is recognized as the most powerful domestic lighting faucet to compete with foreign capital.

Sales in the past seven years have increased by 30 times. NVC has not only been popular in international ventures, but has also been recommended to go public in the US. Behind the growth of the legend of NVC is Wu Changjiang, the same legendary head. On June 8, the reporter of the "First Financial Daily" interviewed Wu Changjiang and shared the experience of NVC's eight years of rapid growth.

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