September lighting brand TV advertising volume ranking (Figure)

Leaderboard description range:
The top ten lighting lighting brands for TV commercials in September 2007

Statistical range:

National TV advertising volume statistics, statistics are calculated according to the price of advertising, excluding discounts.

Data Sources:

CTR Market Research

Leaderboard planning department:

Guangdong Xingbang Industrial Strategy Research Center

Summary time:

November 02, 2007

Comments: As one of the benchmarks in the industry, Op has chosen the most authoritative TV media CCTV. Op's TV commercials are not simply marketing or branding, but rather a fuss about the concept of family and environmental protection.
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 1. Beautiful appearance design, low voltage, safe for human
 2. Low power consumption, environmental protection, high efficiency
 3. Long lifespan > =50,000 hrs
 4. Excellent heat output
 5. Various single color, RGB and RGB 3in1 color available
 6. The led underground lamps can install in-ground / in-wall / in-ceiling for decoration or illumination
 7. It is widely used for garden, theme park, stair, step, etc.
 8. Light base included, easy to install
 9. CE and ROHS approval.

LED Underground Light

LED Underground Light, LED Underground Paving Light

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