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When talking about Changzhou's big friends lighting, friends in the lighting industry in Changzhou and Guzhen will not be unfamiliar. Since entering the Guanghui Lighting Market in Zouqu District of Changzhou in 2002, Dayou Lighting has steadily moved forward and won the respect and praise of the peers in the hot land of China Lighting City--Zou District.

Had a difficult trek on the road

Mr. Zheng Dayou, the general manager of Dayou Lighting, began to work in the lighting industry in Loudi, Hunan, as early as 1993. He has gone through 15 years of wind and rain.

When he first arrived at the bottom, he rented a store with only 30 square meters, but he was the first professional lighting dealer in Loudi. At that time, he mainly operated shelf lights, tin lamps and glass lamps produced in Wenzhou. At that time, logistics was not as convenient as it is now. The lamps were transported from Wenzhou to Loudi. They could only rent cars and cars, and the whole car products went to the bottom. Recalling the past, he was quite emotional: "At that time, the road was not easy to go. It took three days and three nights for a one-way trip. It was almost never sleepy. When you get down, you have to lose weight." The operation at Loudi is also not easy. Due to the limited area, the store is full of lights upstairs and downstairs. The ceiling, the walls and even the floor are full. The family of three is packed in a small warehouse. The open eyes are the ocean of lamps. Despite the difficult conditions, Dafeng was thriving under the hard work of his wife and his wife.

The sun and the moon are like a shuttle, and they are swaying for five years. At the beginning of 1998, with the rich experience of business, Zheng Dayou had a clearer understanding and grasp of the lighting industry. Loudi has not tolerated his ambition. Through some inspections, he selected Chenzhou, the second largest city in Jiangxi, as a new starting point for his career. "Dayou Lighting" was officially listed in Ganzhou. Choosing Cangzhou, Zheng Dayou has his own reasons. In 1998, the lighting industry in Guzhen Town of Guangdong Province has begun to take shape. Quzhou is adjacent to Guangdong. The logistics is relatively convenient. As the second largest city in Jiangxi Province, it has jurisdiction over nine counties and cities. The consumption potential cannot be seen. Unsurprisingly, in the first year of Ganzhou, sales have turned over several times in Hunan. After stabilizing, the average monthly sales volume is several hundred thousand. In the lighting industry before 2000, a prefecture-level city could achieve such sales, and it must be said that it is a miracle. Zheng Dayou’s unique vision was once again verified.

Career and life must constantly exceed

In 2002, Zheng Dayou discovered the feng shui treasure of the lighting operator in the Zou District of Changzhou. In order to make the company a step further, he decisively gave up the business that has been very profitable in Ganzhou, and went to the Guanghui lighting market in Zouqu, renting a store of 1200 square meters to operate the big friends lighting. This was the largest storefront in the luminaire market at the time.

As for why he should abandon the mature market and channels in Zhangzhou and turn to the development of Zouqu, he told reporters: "The cause is the same as life. It needs constant progress and self-transcendence. It is no future to be stuck in a lonely city or to lie on the credit book." People go to the heights, and people should do things like going up the steps. On the next step, after standing still, they should go up a step. If you are stuck because of covetousness, there will never be a way to see the farthest scenery."

Zou District market big "friends" can be

In 2002, the Zouqu Lighting Business Circle was relatively mature. The final choice of Zou District is to look at the development potential here.

Dayou Lighting has moved to Zouqu after a relocation. Now it is located in 28 Guanghui Lighting Markets with a store area of ​​more than 2,000 square meters. It mainly acts as the agent for Hong Kong Meikes Space Lighting and Minnie Lighting. According to Zheng Dayou, the number of dealers working with Dayou Lighting in East China is between 2,000 and 3,000. Dayou Lighting has also won the honorary title of “Excellent Business Household” and “Integrity Management Unit” of the Municipal Industry and Commerce Bureau. The “civilized business households” that have been evaluated by the Guanghui Lighting Market for several consecutive years have become increasingly influential in East China.

As a successful lighting distributor, Zheng Dayou believes that his achievements come from day after day. The key is the idea. The introduction of high-quality brand cooperation is a key idea for the rapid development of Dayou Lighting. As early as in Zhangzhou, Dayou Lighting was once the agent of Op Lighting and Jihao Lighting. In Zouqu, he cooperated with Hong Kong Meikes Space Lighting, Minnie Lighting and other brands, and spared no effort in the East China region to promote its sales. Upgrade. He believes that the most important thing is the win-win situation of the business. Let the channel dealers get the maximum return, which is the basis for the development of Dayou Lighting.

Up to now, Dayou Lighting has been operating in the Zouqu District of Changzhou for 5 years. Zheng Dayou said that the lighting industry in Zouqu is now in a rising period, and there will be greater development and strive to reach a new level.
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