Eye lamp is a fluorescent lamp that does not have anti-myopia effect

On November 13, Mr. Ma, who lives in Bayi Road, told reporters about this: At the beginning of this year, he spent nearly 200 yuan to buy an eye-protection lamp for his son. In the near future, the child always said that his eyes are not Comfortable, and vision is greatly reduced. Mr. Ma took his son to the hospital. The doctor said that because the child's eyes continued to be stimulated by the strong light of the eye-protection lamp, he suffered from pseudo-myopia and needed to receive treatment for a period of time. Mr. Ma can't help but question: Doesn't it mean that eye protection can prevent myopia? How does the child’s vision decline?

In this regard, the reporter interviewed the experts of the quality supervision department. Experts said that the eye-protecting lamps sold on the market and the ordinary fluorescent lamps belong to the same category of fluorescent lamps. When the ordinary fluorescent lamps emit light, they produce periodic black and white flashes of 100 times per second, which belong to low-frequency flashes; The light is to change the low-frequency flash to high-frequency flash, and accelerate the light-off frequency of the lamp to thousands or even tens of thousands of times per second, which exceeds the nerve reaction speed of the human eye, so that the eye does not feel the stroboscopic change of the light. Therefore, learning and working under such lighting, people will feel more comfortable in a short time, but reading under the eye protection for a long time will also be fatigued.

Experts said that at present, there are 29 national standards for lighting products and 8 for industry standards, but there is no specific standard for eye protection or standard for eye protection. In general, eye protection is just a new name for manufacturers to achieve a certain purpose, such as promotion. If the manufacturer's eye protection lamp can really achieve the eye protection effect, then it should have its own enterprise standards and the relevant national health control center or national lighting testing center and other relevant departments issued inspection reports on eye health.

A doctor from the Department of Ophthalmology of a large hospital in Xining City said that the current medical research shows that the factors that cause myopia are complicated. The use of eye posture, health habits, genetics, and nutritional factors are all related to myopia. More likely. Not strengthening physical exercise has an impact on vision. In this sense, no matter what kind of lamp you use to study, you will not have much protection for your eyes. To protect your eyesight, you must start from multiple sources. Don't overdo superstition. The correct use of eye habits and good diet is the key to ensuring eye health. For example, students with frequent eyes and those who rely on computers should eat more coarse grains and more. When supplementing with zinc, etc., when working, studying, or surfing the Internet, if you use your eye for more than one hour, you should stop and rest for about 10 minutes.
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