NVC Lighting: Strategic Cooperation with GE in 2007

2. Collaborate with GE to counter the Philips

As the first brand of lighting industry in the lighting industry, NVC has seen a significant increase in sales every year since 2000. Even the arrogant Philips lighting executives have to look at each other. Wu Changjiang was honored by Philips executives as the first person to be respected in the lighting industry. It can be seen that NVC’s shock to foreign brands such as Philips

However, NVC has also exhausted the suffering of Philips in the past two years. Why? NVC's fist products are in lamps, light sources and electrical appliances have always been its short board, and this is the strength of Philips lighting, many large projects designated to use Philips' light source. Philips took advantage of this to take cutting tactics against NVC's market and even follow up on NVC's chain partners such as Metersbonwe, trying to forcefully take large projects from NVC.

NVC is not a good bully! After solving the problem of the capital chain in 2006, Wu Changjiang recruited talents. On the one hand, he relied on acquisitions and new industrial parks to expand production capacity, improve the level of automated manufacturing, and strengthen the advantages of the lighting part; on the other hand, he also wanted to acquire or Joint stocks to strengthen the short board of light source appliances.

The cooperation with GE Lighting can be described as a perfect match. GE can compete with Philips on light source appliances. However, due to poor expansion, GE Lighting has not made major breakthroughs in China, and even after being occupied by domestic brands, GE is depressed. It lacks networks and channels. And this is precisely the strength of NVC. The two have their own needs, and they are a hit, which has made a sensational marriage. NVC borrows the power of GE and GE borrows the NVC.

The combination of the two allows NVC to counterattack opponents such as Philips. In the future, NVC and GE will form a bundled attack on engineering and channels, which will not only consolidate the existing market share, but also may be passive and active, and the defense will be an offensive, which in turn will attack the municipal experts occupied by Philips. It is expected that the cooperation between NVC and GE will lead to a substantial increase in the performance of both parties, while suppressing the pursuit of competitors such as Philips. From this point of view, the days after Philips are a bit sad!

From an industry perspective, the strategic cooperation between NVC and GE reflects that the lighting industry has entered the level of resource integration. This incident is left to the industry to be worth exploring: Is it possible for domestic companies to complement each other and strategically? For example, Taiwan-funded enterprises and local enterprises, such as the Pearl River Delta lighting manufacturers and the Yangtze River Delta light source enterprises, such as lighting companies and lighting companies...
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