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Nowadays, the younger generation born in the 1980s is called the “post-80s”. On the one hand, they are the backbone of the future of China's consumption. On the other hand, because the education of contact is very different from that of their parents, the idea of ​​premature entrepreneurship has become the creator of wealth. After 80 years, people dare to sing and sing "Love will fight to win". When they are still seen as "small and dirty", they don’t know that "the sky is high and thick" and they raise the banner of independence. .

Chen Gong is typical of them. He named his company "successful", one, with his own name, and the other, and hoped that his entrepreneurial path would eventually succeed.

When you are young

Chen Gong, 24 years old, has a different maturity than his peers. From his conversations, the analysis of the popular situation of the lamps and lanterns market at all times, all of them feel the admiration of the reporters after the 80s. From the idea of ​​16-year-old sprouting to the idea of ​​running a small knife during school, and then starting his own business, Chen Gong has always followed a path of parallel with wealth. In his view, young people are going to go outside. Only in the tide of the economy can you feel the joy and passion of a surfer.

The "post-80s" generation experienced the economic globalization, the baptism of the Internet process, and the ideological maturity that the fathers could not understand. Chen Gong is no exception. His home is a small name in Nanchang, Jiangxi. His parents have been engaged in lighting business for many years. Their only wish is to hope that Chen will make this family business bigger and stronger. However, for Chen Gong, who is uneasy, Nanchang is only the base of his career, but it is not the destination year. When he is young, he should go outside.

Entrepreneurship is my way home

In the eyes of many people, Chen Gong is a particularly economically minded person. After graduating from high school in 2001, he began to sell small ornaments. Recalling that period of time, Chen Gong still remembers it. At that time, the young people in Nanchang had a ethos of advocating jewelry. The glittering pendant hanging around the neck has been favored by many people. He turned to think, since Nanchang can sell such a fire, why not go around the surrounding cities? After doing the national day, he began to move between Yiwu, Zhejiang and the surrounding cities of Nanchang. I earned more than a thousand yuan in just one golden week.

He tasted the sweetness, and later developed a number of businesses. During the university he sold rag dolls, sold masks, and later switched to selling mobile phones. He went to Shenzhen alone to get the goods. In addition to running a mobile phone store near the school, he also launched a lot of students at school. They became the mobile phone agents of Chen Gong in various campuses. Leaflets printed by Chen Gong are also found everywhere. His unique method of doing business has attracted everyone's attention, and even some teachers have proposed to cooperate with him.

Confirm your value

In March of this year, Chen Gong and a few friends drove from their hometown to the ancient town of Zhongshan. Along the way, because only one of his peers would drive, he had to hold on to the whole process.

On the day of the decoration of the store, they laid the floor on the floor, sometimes to discuss it in the middle of the night for a plan. Many people can't understand his approach. When his brother saw the situation of his brother, he said to him: "If you really want to do it yourself, you can do it by hanging a few lights directly on the store. In addition, the facade is not so big, rent half to others. "While, Chen Gong knows that his brother is saying that he is doing it for himself. He does not want to eat so much bitterness. But for him who is uneasy and mediocre, only "é—¯" is his only way out.

Kung Fu does not bear the pains of the people, and today's success has been done in a different way. The aluminum acrylic ceiling lamp in the main direction has already achieved the reflection of the wood grain strip. Due to technical limitations, this one is only one in the same industry. Moreover, the company introduced a full set of equipment, aluminum has achieved its own processing, the quality has been reliably guaranteed, the company's production capacity is also in the forefront of peers. Chen Gong and his successful lighting are marching towards the road to success.
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