Chen Jun, general manager of Zhongshan Yihe Foundation Lighting, personally experienced CIE

A CIE conference is the "Olympic Games" in the field of lighting

CIE (full name: the Commision Internationale De Eclairage) is the abbreviation of the International Commission on Illumination (abbreviation). It is a non-governmental multidisciplinary world composed of light source manufacturing, lighting design and optical radiation measurement and testing institutions in the field of international lighting engineering. Academic organization is a non-profit organization in technology, science and culture. Headquartered in Vienna, Austria, it has more than 40 member states.

CIE, formerly known as the International Photomertric Commission (IPC), was founded in 1900 and changed its current name in 1913. It has a history of 107 years.

CIE provides an international forum in the fields of science, technology and technology for light and lighting, and promotes cooperation and exchange of lighting engineering research among member states; develops basic standards and metrology procedures in the field of light and lighting; in the development of light and lighting Guidelines for the application of principles and procedures in international and national standards; development and publication of standards, reports and other publications on all matters related to science, technology and technology in the field of light and lighting.

Since 1999, the optical, visual and metrology aspects of communication, the production and playback of images, the use of all types of analog and digital imaging devices, storage media and imaging media have also been in the work of CIE.

The CIE Conference is held every four years and is hosted by the International Commission on Illumination. It is hosted by the member states and is the top academic exchange event in the lighting industry. As a result, the CIE conference was called by the industry in various countries as the "Olympic Games" in the field of lighting.

The second CIE conference was held in China for the first time.

The China Illuminating Engineering Society (CIES) was established on June 1, 1987 and is one of the national first-class societies of the China Association for Science and Technology. In the year of the establishment of the Society, he joined the International Commission on Illumination (CIE) in the name of the People's Republic of China Lighting Commission and became the only organization representing China in the International Commission on Illumination.

In 2002, with the approval of the State Council and the China Association for Science and Technology, the China Lighting Society first proposed to the International Commission on Illumination (CIE) to apply for the 2007 conference in Beijing and to undertake the work. The whole process of bidding for nearly a year. I am very fortunate to be involved as the sole representative of a Chinese company.

In May 2003, at the 25th CIE Conference, the bid was formally approved and finally passed – the 2007 26th CIE Conference was held in Beijing. Our comrades who participated in the bidding were very excited. We are fully aware that this is due to the growing prosperity of our motherland. Of course, it is also the glory of the Chinese lighting industry.

The first time the CIE conference was held in China, it means that the Chinese lighting industry has enjoyed such a learning opportunity for the first time – a great learning opportunity.

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