Research on brightness in urban night lighting design

Lighting is an important symbol of a modern city. Strengthening the construction of night lighting and molding one after another "no night city" is the current trend of urban construction and development. Practice has proved that urban night lighting projects only have overall planning, scientific distribution, rational allocation, careful design, careful construction, and enhanced management to ensure overall effects and good results. The city night scene lighting range is wider, the author is talking about a few points here.

First, unified planning is the fundamental premise of urban night lighting construction.

Urban night lighting is the use of lighting and color to reorganize the urban landscape, show the city's characteristics, create a cultural atmosphere, and increase the city's charm. Urban night lighting is science, but also an art, as large as a city, as small as a street, a single building, where it should be lit, where should not be lit, night lighting needs to be planned from the overall, consider all . In the overall planning of night lighting, it is necessary to conduct a serious investigation of the city's detailed history, current situation and development prospects, correctly identify and carefully demonstrate key scenic spots, and then organize implementation on this basis. At the same time, the city night lighting must also highlight the characteristics and pay attention to taste. Light is the art of vision, showing the city's distinctive visual effect is the "soul" of night lighting. Therefore, style and taste are important issues. It conforms to the characteristics of the landscape and is rich in cultural heritage. It is an art style with epochal spirit and noble elegance. For buildings and advertisements that are unsightly, the facilities should be cleaned up to match the landscape with the surrounding environment. Therefore, in the construction of night lighting, it is necessary to carry out unified planning, select key lighting areas and scenic spots, and specify the lighting level and lighting style from the macro level, otherwise the overall artistic effect of night lighting will not be achieved.

Second, careful design is an important part of urban night lighting.

First of all, we must compile technical solutions, which is the core of engineering design, and is a comprehensive reflection of various indicators such as project quality, level, cost and construction period. As a lighting engineering design plan, the following should generally be arranged: the determination of illumination and illumination compensation coefficient; the choice of lighting mode; the choice of light source and luminaire; the reasonable arrangement of luminaires; the calculation of illumination; the condition of Power Supply system; the distribution and installation location of switchboard; Electrical configuration; pipeline routing; determination of incoming wiring; conductor type and laying method; line calculation. Secondly, we must do a good job in engineering design, prepare drawings and catalogues according to technical requirements; draw layout plans of electrical lighting lines; design power supply system diagrams; provide electrical lighting equipment and material schedules. It should indicate all lamps, switches, lines, power distribution equipment location, wire type, number of roots and laying methods, wire length and load. Give necessary explanations for active current and reactive current. In the entire design work, we must highlight the objectives, advancement, innovation and feasibility. The goal is the purpose, function and function of the project; the advancement means that the engineering design must take into account a leading quantity, so that the project has life and the sense of the times; the innovation is to innovate on the basis of the digestion and absorption of new technologies; the feasibility is It means that the design scheme meets both the functional requirements of the project and the social trend, both suitable for the status quo and suitable for the development of the vision, and so on.