Seoul Acriche expands LED applications to home and industrial lighting

LEDs are a “major breakthrough” for the lighting industry and will be produced at the company's Ansan plant in southern Seoul. Kim said that the semiconductor embedded light source device, which will be sold under the name "Acriche", makes LED a more cost-effective application. He said: "Our patented AC LED technology will expand the LED market to the home and industrial lighting fields beyond mobile phones or computers and cars. Acriche may replace existing LEDs, but will only gradually replace them." The company predicts that Acriche chips and modules will reach $20 million in sales by the end of 2007, to $100 million in 2008, and $300 million by the end of 2009. Initially there are two models of 4W and 8W, the working voltage is 110V and 220V respectively, and other models will be introduced later.

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