Philips China chief designer Yao Mengming talks about the Olympics

On December 29th and 30th, 2004, Mr. Yao Mengming had almost two nights in a large-scale project in Henan. On the first day of 2005, he rushed from Shanghai to the ancient town to award awards. Nowadays, due to the schedule is too full, until 1 am on the 2nd, Mr. Yao Mengming took the time to accept an exclusive interview with this reporter.
We can do well too

Reporter: Manager Yao, congratulations on looking for the top ten outstanding figures in China's first lighting industry. The time is too tight, so I have to delay your rest time.

Yao Mengming: It doesn't matter (laughs), everyone said that the lighting must come out at night, only the darkness has lighting, and only the darkness, the lighting is only common in the city, so the evening work is reasonable...

Reporter: You have been designing lighting for 10 years and have won many awards. When was the first design award?

Yao Mengming: The first engineering lighting design award was awarded in 1997 to the global Philips Lighting Design Award. Since the Chinese lighting market was just getting started, this award has had a deep impact on me. We are beginning to realize that although China's lighting industry, especially lighting design, is just getting started, we can make better lighting projects and make world-recognized lighting design works.

Reporter: What other important awards are there?

Yao Mengming: So far, the awards have been mainly the North American Lighting Design Competition Award (IIDA) for Philips Lighting's annual lighting designers worldwide and the Global Lighting Design Competition Award for global Philips Lighting Engineering every four years. Among the awards, in addition to the first design award mentioned above, the most important one is the 2002 North American Lighting Design Competition Award. The winning work is Shandong Weihai Stadium.

This award is not only the first lighting design award for domestic designers in the world, but more importantly, let our domestic lighting designers begin to contact the international lighting design community and begin to understand the latest developments and needs of lighting design in the world. The world began to understand the level of lighting design in China. Let Chinese designers go to the international stage to compete for the high and low.

Concerned about the 2008 Beijing Olympics

Reporter: In 2002, it happened to be the year of Beijing’s successful Olympic bid.

Yao Mengming: Right. When I won the IIDA Award, it was the success of Beijing, China, and the 2008 Summer Olympic Games in Beijing, China. Beijing plans to build many high-standard Olympic venues. These venues are inseparable from high quality sports lighting. Therefore, this award has made the world fully aware of us, and we are fully confident in designing the stadium lighting that meets the highest standards of the Olympic Games.

Reporter: The engineering lighting design of the Qinhuangdao Gymnasium, the first stadium in the 2008 Olympic Games, is said to have been won by you. How do you think about this project?

Yao Mengming: We started to design the lighting of Qinhuangdao Gymnasium in December 2002. In July 2004, we successfully debugged and passed the acceptance test. The completion of the lighting design of the first stadium is of great significance to China because it is the first Olympic Games in China. However, the lighting design of Qinhuangdao Gymnasium is just a small project in many of our projects. For a lighting designer, any project should be treated with the same mentality, and every effort should be made to do every project.

Love lighting design business

Reporter: What is your main job in the Philips Design Department?

Yao Mengming: We have at least 10 large-scale lighting projects every year, mainly stadium lighting. Our work is mainly divided into two main categories and hosting. One is to design their own discs, the other is to give high-tech technical guidance and enhance the overall quality of the designer.

Reporter: I have been working at Philips for 10 years. Don't you get bored?

Yao Mengming: This is also a question that many people ask. Each lighting project has a different structure and different lighting design requirements, so it has different challenges. When a project is taken down, it also has a certain sense of accomplishment. I am very passionate about this bright cause. Therefore, this is a kind of motivation and the reason for staying.

Reporter: You have been at Philips Lighting for 10 years. What do you think are the differences between their lighting design and the lighting design of domestic lighting companies?

Yao Mengming: When I entered Philips Lighting in 1995, I established the Lighting Design Department, an independent, professional design department. In addition to the distributors own designers, now our company has 20 main designers. Different from the design teams of many domestic lighting companies, Philips Lighting's design and business departments are separate. The design department is only responsible for providing the best solutions for customers. Negotiations, contacts, etc. are completed by the Ministry of Commerce, which is beneficial to designers. We play the level of design. The design and engineering departments of many lighting companies in China are bundled together, and it is inevitable that they will sometimes limit each other.

Nowadays, many lighting designers are designed within a certain product range, that is to say, they are designed under the premise of serving the enterprise products, and their thinking is limited. But if you do this basic work well, designers can jump out of the product to design.

China needs lighting design talents

Reporter: You have won international awards, and domestic awards have also taken a lot. Compared to this time, looking for the top ten outstanding figures in China's first lighting industry, how do you feel?

Yao Mengming: The first feeling after the election was: Everyone needs lighting design, and everyone has begun to recognize lighting design. In addition to the professional theoretical basis for guidance, the lighting industry also needs high-quality and low-cost lighting products as the main body of lighting design. The two are integrated. Therefore, a good lighting project requires everyone to work together, and the prospects for the Chinese lighting industry are very bright.

Reporter: China should have more designers like you.

Yao Mengming: At present, there are few professionals in lighting design in China, and the current social attention to the lighting industry is not high, which affects the economic status of the lighting industry. In fact, the best talents for stadium lighting design are not in the lighting design office, nor in the school, but in the enterprise. However, there are many famous universities, such as Fudan University, which have opened lighting and engineering departments. The teachers and students of the school have made silent contributions to the development of the lighting industry.

Reporter: I hope that you will continue to contribute to the development of China's lighting industry. Thank you!

Yao Mengming and his people

Male, 38 years old, Shanghai native, graduated from the Department of Light Source and Lighting Engineering of Fudan University in 1990. He is currently the National Design Manager of Philips China Lighting.

Individual award

IIDA AWArD MerIT 2002 (the first domestic designer to receive the International Lighting Design Award)



Winner of the first, second and third prizes of the 19TH Philips Global Lighting Design Competition

Major works

"Electrical Lighting Design", "Office Lighting", "Efficient Lighting System Design Guide", "Store Lighting", "Modern Gymnasium Lighting Guide"

Formulating standards

Architectural Lighting Design Standard GB50034-2004

Lighting design work

Shanghai Pudong International Machine tastes Shanghai Stadium (home of the 8th National Games), Guangzhou Olympic Stadium (home of the 9th National Games), Nanjing Olympic Stadium (home of the 10th National Games), Qinhuangdao Gymnasium (the first project of the 2008 Olympic Games), Shanghai Science and Technology Museum, Shanghai Government buildings, etc.
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