INX Corporation Introduces LED UV Ink

brief introduction:
Triangle Digital INX Co., a member of INX Digital Corporation, has entered the ranks of the world's leading inks. EVOLVE UV, developed in collaboration with LED curing professional Summit UV, is the first UV. The LED-cured ink, when run with a Xaar 1001 piezo inkjet printhead, is capable of four-color printing through a curing device at a rate of more than 24 m per minute. All do not require an inert gas curing atmosphere.

See Drupa's staff at Düsseldorf, Germany, from May 29th to June 11th at the INX Digital Company booth in Drupa (CO2).

“We have been using LED curing for a while,” said Ken Kisner, technical director at TDI. “But it was slower at the time. The key to the success of this technology was the deployment of EVOLVE UV inks, which allowed it to be independent of Summit UV. Some new LEDs are compatible. It has an ideal UV segment wavelength and, importantly, is powerful.

Compared to traditional high-energy LED lighting, "Summit UV's Mario Carluccio explained, "Our Black Diamond 365 series has a shorter UV light wavelength and a higher energy output than the 6.0W/cm2. This allows us to cure at a faster speed than ever before with the specially designed EVOLVE UV ink line from TDI. ”

Breakthrough technology opens new avenues for digital printing growth

“We are now breaking the limits of digital printing in several areas,” Kisner noted. “Includes short-run narrow web label printing, variable data printing, and other possible printing methods.”

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brief introduction:

“The UV printing for a single pass of paper is cured at a speed of 24m per minute through the exposure of an LED fixture on the line. This speed is three times higher than before. This is just the beginning. We have the ability to formulate EVOLVE based on virtually any substrate. UV inks, including plastics, films, paper, or even metal or certain fabrics.

“We combine these technologies to provide a low-cost, high-speed printing, and of course the advantages of standard digital printing over traditional printing methods, with shorter setup and printing times, because there is no printing plate, no cleaning, no Set the time."

“Similar to this, compared to traditional UV-cured mercury lamps,” Carluccio emphasizes, “Our LED technology greatly reduces power consumption, while generating the benefits of extremely low heat, instant switching, no light bulbs or other consumables. It does not have to use harmful mercury to avoid ozone."

“This is a 'double green' system,” concludes Kisner. “The EVOLVE UV inks are configured without organic volatiles.”

Fast, collaborative efforts caused a sensation at RadTech, looking forward to launching at Drupa

Both Kisner and Carluccio mentioned that this combined technology did not exist just a few weeks ago. In the previous cooperation in development projects, TDI, a member of INX Digital, was invited by Summit UV to test the new EVOLVE UV ink with the new Black Diamond 365 series LED curing lamps. Another member of INX Digital, INX (ISI), an innovative solution for electronics engineering and systems integration specialists, leverages advanced Xaar printhead technology.

“When Mario tells us how fast they are curing,” Kisner said, “we immediately contacted Xaar, which was only a few weeks before the opening of RadTech (UV and Electron Beam Curing Technology Exhibition). Their Xaar 1001 The printhead perfected the system in time to catch up with the exhibition."

This high-speed, one-time UV LED curing system caused quite a stir, and both Kisner and Carluccio shared the same feeling. “Many visitors say it is the most innovative system at this year's RadTech exhibition,” Kisner said. “We expect to be more popular in drupa.”

“We are excited about the results of EVOLVE UV LED curing inks so far, and we are proud of the technology that will drive digital printing to the future.”

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