Osram Sylvania signs distribution deal with Arrow

Arrow Electronics expands its existing agreement with Osram to offer LED Systems products from Osram Sylvania to OEMs in the USA. Osram Sylvania has announced a distribution agreement with Arrow Electronics Inc, a provider of electronic components and computer products. The agreement is intended to help drive With its broad sales network and established customer base, Arrow will serve as an important channel partner for the growing OEM business at Osram Sylvania.
Through the agreement, Arrow can distribute LED Systems from Osram Sylvania, which are quickly becoming the light source of choice for various applications due to their ruggedness, reliability, long life, energy efficiency and low maintenance requirements.
Innovative LED technology has opened new avenues in lighting with dynamic color mixing and color sequencing capabilities. These new capacities, coupled with their small size and system flexibility, make them ideal for architectural enhancements, decorative lighting and signage applications.
The LED modules are categorized into Directional (Spot & Flood), Linear and Chain products. Osram Sylvania offers LED accessories and OPTOTRONIC power supplies. And controls.
Arrow customers will benefit from Osram Sylvanias expertise in developing complete LED solutions including modules, heat sinks, optics, power supplies, controllers and sequencers.
The development of LED products and systems in the OEM market is unprecedented, said Dwight Kitchen, vice president of OEM/Special Markets for Osram Sylvania in North America. We are pleased to be able to offer our portfolio of LED solutions to a broader base of OEMs through Arrow Electronics extensive network. Combining our systems expertise with Arrow Lighting Groups focus on the rapidly expanding applications for LEDs will facilitate even faster adoption of this technology into new lighting designs.
We are excited about the opportunity to partner with Osram Sylvania and to offer their LED Systems products, said Bob Sagebiel, director of lighting business development for Arrow Electronics. For customers who require system-level solutions, the LED Systems products will allow them to meet Our customers can have their components or total solutions, our experienced team can help with all solid-state requirements .

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