Application of Industrial Ethernet Switch in Sunshine Valley Lighting System of Shanghai World Expo

Project Introduction

The Expo Axis is the main axis of the space landscape and pedestrian traffic in the Expo Park. It has a total length of about 1,000 meters and a width of about 110 meters. It is the largest single project within the Expo Site. It is the main axis because it is located in the center of Pudong Expo Park. It connects the China Pavilion, the Pudong Theme Pavilion, the Expo Center, and the Expo Performance Center on the left and right. The four buildings have a collective name of "one axis and four halls."

As the largest single building in the Shanghai World Expo Park, as well as the main entrances, exits, traffic channels and concentrated service areas, the Expo Axis serves the visitors of the Expo with the concept of environmental protection and energy conservation. It has also become a light-weight, upright new-type structural image in the Expo Site. A large landmark building.

Among them, the main body of the Expo Steel’s ground steel structure consists of six huge “Sun Valleys”, of which the largest diameter is 97 meters at the top and 20 meters at the bottom. It will preserve the huge landscape axis and landmarks in the city permanently and become the main axis of Shanghai's urban space landscape and urban traffic in the future. In view of the outstanding performance of Moxa in the lighting control system of the Beijing Olympic Water Cube, in the lighting control system of the Expo Axis, customers still chose the Moxa switch as a guarantee of the system communication network.

system requirement

Real-time performance: Due to up to 60,000 LED lights in the Valley of Sunshine, all lighting is controlled by a single lighting controller. The lighting controller must receive the command to synchronize the light switch, and the light control server sends the command with very small intervals, usually 10ms/time.
Large bandwidth: Sunshine Valley has more than 60,000 lamps. The server changes the color of the light every 10 milliseconds. Therefore, the amount of data transmitted is very large. It requires high bandwidth of the switch (large amount of data and small interval). .
Wide temperature: As the outdoor temperature changes in Shanghai, the product must deal with the test of summer and cold winter days.

Moxa solution

The network of the lighting control system for the entire Expo Axis is divided into three layers: the core layer, the convergence layer, and the access layer. Moxa provides different products based on the characteristics of the network.

Core layer: The main part of the network is called the core layer. The main purpose of the core layer is to provide a reliable backbone transmission structure through high-speed forwarding communications. Therefore, the core layer switches should have higher reliability and throughput. Moxa recommends the EDS-G509, a nine gigabit-wide managed industrial Ethernet switch that can support up to five fiber ports and can upgrade existing networks to Gigabit or establish a full Gigabit backbone. The internet. Gigabit transmission can increase the bandwidth for higher network performance. The EDS-G509 at the core layer is connected to the EDS-518A switch in the light control server and convergence layer respectively. The Gigabit bandwidth also meets the large bandwidth requirement.

Convergence layer: The convergence layer is the convergence point of multiple access layer switches. It must be able to handle all traffic from access layer devices and provide uplinks to the core layer. Therefore, convergence layer switches are compared with access layer switches. Requires higher performance, fewer interfaces, and higher exchange rates. Here, Moxa's EDS-518A becomes a convergence layer switch. Because there are six Sunshine Valleys on the Expo Axis, an EDS-518A is placed on each Sun Valley, connecting the EDS-G509 switch in the core layer upwards and the EDS-308T and EDS-316T switches in the bottom layer. The EDS-518A has 2 Gigabit ports and 16 Fast Ethernet ports, providing high-performance Ethernet connectivity and a variety of real-time network management functions. The high-confidence quality ensures that the system operates 24 hours a day.

Access layer: The purpose of the access layer is to allow end users to connect to the network, so the access layer switches have low cost and high port density characteristics. The Moxa EDS-308T and EDS-316T are plug-and-play unmanaged industrial Ethernet switches. They provide 8 and 16 Fast ports, respectively, for connecting a large number of lighting controllers.

The entire lighting control system network adopts a star architecture, and the server to the lighting controller experience up to three switches at a time, which ensures the real-time performance of the data. Compared with the advantages of the ring network architecture, it is better to experience only three switches with him. Meet the real-time requirements.

In addition, all Moxa switches feature industrial-grade designs, IP30 rated enclosures, redundant power inputs, and rail mounting methods. In addition, due to the poor working environment of the switches at the access layer, the EDS-308T and EDS-316T are all equipped with a wide temperature range, which can support a temperature of -40 to 75°C and a wider range of applications.

System configuration diagram

Why Moxa?

Moxa switches have a variety of different product models to meet different application needs. The network can be completed simply by using the Moxa brand.
EDS-G509 switches can form a Gigabit Ethernet network to fully meet the needs of large bandwidth; EDS-518A switches have Gigabit ports and Fast Ethernet ports to meet the communication requirements of the convergence layer; multi-port design of EDS-308T and EDS-316T, A large number of Light Controller Moxa switches can be connected. In addition, the network architecture is simple and clear, and it also meets the needs of real-time network
The fanless and low-power design of the EDS series switches has ensured reliable and stable operation of the equipment. Its MTBF has reached more than 20 years. The wide temperature design (-40~75°C) of EDS-308T and EDS-316T also ensures the reliability of the products in the field.
Moxa's successful application in the water cube lighting control system is the best proof for the customer.
Moxa team complete technical support and 5-year warranty service to ensure timely and effective solutions for customers

Application product introduction

EDS-G509 (http://EDS-G509.htm)

9 Gigabit Ethernet ports, which can support up to 5 fiber ports to support multiple network management protocols, effectively manage planned networks, and improve network security stability. Supports port aggregation, optimizes network bandwidth, and implements systems through ABC-01 automatic backup. Configuration backup

EDS-518A (http://EDS-518A.htm)

Two Gigabit ports and 16 Fast Ethernet ports Support QoS, IGMP snooping/GMRP, VLAN, LACP, SNMP V1/V2c/V3, RMON
Redundant dual DC power input Backup system configuration through ABC-01 automatic backup

EDS-308T (http://EDS-308305.htm)

High-performance Ethernet switch technology
8 10/100M ports, full/half duplex, MDI/MDIX adaptive
IP 30, high-strength and robust design Wide temperature model operating temperature range -40~75°C

EDS-316T (http://EDS-316.htm)

High-performance Ethernet switch technology
16 10/100M ports, full/half duplex, MDI/MDIX adaptive
IP 30, high-strength and robust design Wide temperature model operating temperature range -40~75°C

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