100 times faster: Gigabit Ethernet

Suppose I have 3 ways to choose. The average speed of the highway is 10 miles per hour, a technology that can reach 100 miles per hour, and a new option that can reach 1,000 miles per hour. So, which way would I choose to complete my 30-mile morning trip, 3 hours, 18 minutes or 1.8 minutes? I will definitely choose less than 2 minutes! thank you very much!

Oh, wait. Some people say that not every place allows 1000 mph. (Think about this too). And I have to pay for the equipment so that I can get through the toll booth at the highest speed. But if the infrastructure is economical and effective, is 1.8 minutes not much better than 3 hours?
First of all: The CC-Link Association (CLPA) has released a Gigabit Industrial Ethernet protocol, CC-Link IE, which allows the network to communicate near the backplane. The association called it the first open standard for 1 Gigabit per second (1Gbps) manufacturing networks released worldwide.
Advantage? Take a look at the above example. A large number of existing Ethernet networks, namely the IEEE 802.3Z multimode fiber dual-loop topology network, can still work normally. Its determinism is guaranteed by the network's public memory without the need to add hubs and switches, the CPLA said. CC-LINK IE also has the following advantages:
â–  Token transfer collision avoidance;
â–  256K bytes of network common memory;
â–  The capacity of 120 stations per network;
â–  The maximum cable length of 550m between each station;
â–  Has the ability to handle 238 internetworks.
This is a growing family: CC-Link with controllers, CC-Link/LT for small devices, and planned live and motion protocols.
Disadvantages? You need the proper equipment and connections so that the fiber can communicate via the CC-Link IE protocol.
The core technology is provided by Mitsubishi Electric Automation (as with Rockwell Automation's DeviceNet). If Mitsubishi PLC or other devices in your project can use this open protocol, why not satisfy your own desire for speed?
Far-reaching: 10 years ago, could someone expect us to need the speed and capacity we now have? Well, if I go to an ATM near the corner or a nearby grocery store, maybe 1000 mph is a bit overdone. However, if I want to put it in the refrigerator before the ice cream dissolves, even in a rare 87-degree October weather - no mistake, guarantee!

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