Analysis of semi-annual report of electronic components and components industry in the first half of 2010: In the first half of the year, the economy is booming.

The industry was booming in the first half of 2010 . In the first half of 2010 , the electronic components industry was operating at a high level . In the traditional off-season , component manufacturers experienced a hot trend of business operations , and their operating performance increased significantly. High growth in the first half of 2010 over the same period in 2009, although there are reasons for the low boom, but the recovery rate of the industry is indeed exceeded market expectations. In the second quarter of 2010 , the profitability of most A- listed electronic components listed companies has far exceeded the level before the financial crisis. Global semiconductor monthly sales also hit a record high in the second quarter.

The second quarter saw a significant increase on the basis of the first quarter. When analyzed on a quarterly, we have pointed out, during the demand "recovery" financial tsunami and capacity cuts, "is not short off-season" plays an important role in the electronic components industry. This role was even more pronounced in the second quarter of 2010. The performance of listed companies of A- share electronic components significantly increased on a quarterly basis. Compared with previous years , the growth rate of listed companies in electronic components in the second quarter of 2010 was significantly better than the seasonal change in 2008 , slightly lower than the second quarter of 2009 when demand began to recover rapidly ( industry boom lasted in the first quarter of 2009 ). . Under the premise that the first quarter of 2010 is not off-season , the growth in the second quarter is particularly valuable.

The industry will continue to grow in the third quarter. From the current point of view , the industry will continue to grow in the third quarter of 2010 , and the economy will continue to operate at high levels. On the one hand , the global semiconductor equipment BB value continues to be greater than 1, indicating that the future semiconductor will continue to maintain the growth trend ; On the other hand , according to the A- share listed company performance forecast , most companies will still achieve a quarter-on-quarter growth in performance , growth and previous years In the third quarter , the peak season features still appear.

Beware of the downturn in the future. Production cuts and demand for rapid recovery co-created the popular economy in the first half of 2010 is a bumper year the economy set the tone. Looking ahead , changes in both supply and demand are likely to cause a decline in the industry's economy : supply , rapid capital expenditure growth , release of production capacity will ease the current tight supply situation ; demand , the lack of economic growth in Europe and the United States economy has no essential change . The revolutionary technological innovation is difficult to break through, and Moore's Law is weakened . All these factors have limited the growth of semiconductor demand.

After a high in 2010 of the economy, under normal circumstances can be expected in 2011 is difficult to continued growth in 2010. Under this expectation , most of the electronic component listed companies' growth in 2011 is difficult to match the current valuation level , maintaining the industry " neutral " rating.