The Internet of Things has a broad prospect and five major challenges remain

The Internet has brought human society into the "Information Age," and the mission of the Internet of Things is to bring humanity into the "Wisdom Age." At the 2011 China Internet of Things Industry Development Forum, Li Bohu, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, believes that the city of the future should be a “smart city” that can meet a variety of needs including people’s livelihood, environmental protection, public safety, urban services, and industrial and commercial activities. Make smart responses, promote the optimal allocation of resources such as human resources, funds, and technology, and promote the coordinated development of economy, society, population, and resources. In the construction of a "smart city", Internet of Things technology is of great use.

Jiang Guoping, chairman of Zhongguo Guoxin Industrial Data Service Co., Ltd., believes that through the "universal convergence" of data, the Internet of Things will bring humanity into the "wisdom era."

"The Internet age created a sea of ​​data consisting of countless zeros and ones, but unfortunately, all kinds of data depend on the specialized systems it generates, runs, and manages. Once it leaves the system, it becomes unrecognized. We hope that through the “universal aggregation” of data, uniform uniforms will be put on all types of data, and unique attribute identification will be given to achieve universal recognition among them. A "big bang" era." Jiang Guoping said.

Liu Yunjie, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, believes that although the Internet of Things has a promising future, it still faces five major challenges. First, the technology industry is not strong enough, and there is still a lack of core chips and sensing technologies. Second, the current standards are still relatively fragmented, lacking a unified standard system, low standardization, poor interoperability, involving a large number of international organizations, and difficult coordination. Third, the application of Internet of Things. Strong individuality, market size still needs to be nurtured, business model needs to be improved; Fourth, complex industrial chain, strong integrators are needed, industry barriers need to be further broken down to achieve resource sharing, and 5 is to threaten national security and personal privacy And challenges.