"Electric shortage" frequency amorphous alloy transformer helps energy saving

The peak of summer electricity consumption has not yet arrived. Power shortages have frequently occurred in major power-producing provinces such as Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui, Hunan and Jiangxi. A few days ago, the State Grid Corporation of China held a video conference calling for peak summer production safety. This year is the most intense year for power supply and demand in recent years. The total power gap may exceed the worst in history in 2004.

As far as energy saving and consumption reduction are concerned, ordinary people may not know that the transformers that are usually seen are also “electric tigers”. It is understood that the power loss of transformers in the power system accounts for 10% of the power generation. According to the data, the national power generation amounted to 41413 billion kWh in 2010, which means that the loss of transformers accounted for 414.1 billion kWh, which is more than the total electricity consumption of Guangdong Province (401 billion kWh) that had the most electricity consumption in 2010. 8 billion kwh. To know that every saving of 100 million kwh electricity means saving 40,400 tons of standard coal and reducing emissions of 106,400 tons of carbon dioxide.

In fact, the space and potential for transformer energy saving are great. The silicon steel transformer used in the construction of traditional power grids, no-load loss, that is, the power consumption of transformers to maintain their own operation after accessing the Internet has always been a big problem, and the core of amorphous alloy transformers is empty compared to the traditional silicon steel transformers because of its special magnetic permeability. Load loss reduced by more than 70%. Do not underestimate this 70%, can be considered such an account, the capacity of 800KVA transformer, for example, the conventional silicon steel transformer no-load loss of 1620 watts, the amorphous alloy transformer produced by China Electric Electric SCRBH15-800/10 The no-load loss is 480 watts, a difference of 1140 watts. When the load loss values ​​of the two types of transformers are the same, the energy loss that can be reduced by using the SCRBH15-800/10 product is about 9825 kWh per year, which is equivalent to the annual electricity consumption of 3 or 4 families.

With the further improvement of national requirements for energy saving and consumption reduction, amorphous alloy transformers with great energy saving effects have been widely favored by the market. At present, Shandong Electric Power Group, Shaanxi Electric Power Company and Zhenjiang Electric Power Supply Company are all in large-scale procurement and use. Electric and electrical amorphous alloy transformers. Experts said that the average load of the rural network is low and the idle time is long, which is very suitable for the amorphous alloy transformer to exert its energy-saving effect. If a large number of amorphous alloy transformers are used in the upcoming new round of rural power grid upgrading and upgrading projects, the energy savings will be considerable.