Half a day to sell more than 100 iPad2 Shenzhen tight supply

On May 6, iPad2 was formally listed in the country, and once again triggered a frenzy of buying fruit powder queues.

Southern reporter found that Apple's official online store, in a short period of 3 days, appeared "no supply", and the Shenzhen supermarkets, authorized stores W iFi 16G B version also announced the sale. However, some parallel importers of Huaqiang North have found many sources of goods. The Hong Kong banks have fallen to a new low, and licensed goods have been sold “with collocation”.

WiFi16GB version of the iPad2 sold out. Nandu reporter recently visited the market learned that, iPad2 is currently open in the Shenzhen Apple authorized stores and Suning, Gome and other hypermarkets open sales, the current number of Apple authorized stores are said that WiFi 16G B version The iPad 2 is all sold out.

It is understood that the listed Wifi iP ad2 is divided into 16G B, 32G B, 64G B three, a total of two colors black and white, the price is 3688 yuan, 4488 yuan, 5288 yuan, are lower than the initial price of iP ad1 300 yuan cheaper.

In addition, compared to the previous iPad1, iPad2 body is even more light and thin, while increasing the front and rear camera, respectively, can be used for F acetim e and video shooting, higher cost-effectiveness makes it on the first day of its listing ushered in the entire line Selling.

The manager of the Star Plaza Store stated that iPad2 was sold for more than 100 units in just half a day. This is exactly the same situation as the iPad2 being listed in other regions of the world. The merchant had to specially transfer 10 sales personnel to assist him. Billing, testing machine, delivery and other work.

“We have already stepped up to supply the goods to Apple, but we cannot be sure when they will be able to re-arrival.” The related staff of Cool Center City Store in Shenzhen said that on the day of listing, several hundred units of WiF i16G B iPad2 were stocked, and they arrived again on Sunday after they were sold. More than a dozen units, sold out the same day, "At present, 64G B supply more adequate, but 32G B's has less than 10 units." Southern Reporter visited and found that the major 3C stores are also similar.

The licensed white W iFi16GB arrives on Wednesday. However, Huaqiang North's parallel importer seems more confident about the arrival time. A store owner said that the licensed white WiFi 16G B version of the arrival of the arrival of Wednesday, you can book first, but must be with the protective film, leather case, wire headset "collocation" sales, package price 4,500 yuan. It is understood that the total retail price of accessories in the package is less than 200 yuan, equivalent to an increase of 600 yuan.

Compared with the sales of licensed goods, the prices of the Hong Kong Bank and the US iPad2 have fallen in recent days, setting a new low again. For example, on the same day that the Mainland was licensed for sale, the Hong Kong Bank remained at a high of about 4,000 yuan, but the price had dropped to 3,800 yuan on Monday and was spot sales.

Some merchants admit that: “The iPad 2 is relatively well-stocked and is expected to arrive soon, so the price of parallel imports may continue to decline slightly.”

According to Apple's introduction, the iP ad2 on sale in the mainland region is only Wifi version, divided into 16G B, 32G B, 64G B three, a total of black and white two colors, the official price was 3688 yuan, 4488 yuan, 5288 yuan, are ratio The old iPad's starting price is cheaper by 300 yuan.