Panel prices stop falling May shipments of panel shipments rose 8.2%

WitsView panel analyst Chen Jianan said that in the major panel makers eager to get rid of financial losses and improve profitability, they have increased the rate of application in the second quarter, demanding price increases for downstream customers; plus China's Mayi sales in line with expectations, driving China Under the influence of TV brand stock demand and other factors, panel prices have stabilized in the near future after falling for nearly a year. However, the global terminal market demand remained weak in the second quarter. Compared with Chinese brands, international first-line brands adopted conservative and rigorous attitudes in stock control and inventory control. In the absence of comprehensive support for the recovery of demand, it has also greatly weakened the upward adjustment of panel prices. With such a long-short saw, the average price of the panel was flat at the low level, and some downstream customers increased their willingness to pull goods, pushing up the performance of the May panel shipment.

In terms of applications, although China's May 1 sales performance was satisfactory and stimulated the willingness of Chinese brand manufacturers to stock their products, the demand for other major consumer markets in the rest of the world remained sluggish in the second quarter, resulting in a 2.1% increase in TV panel shipments compared to April shipments. Total shipments reached 16.72 million units; monitor panels shipped 17.38 million units, a monthly increase of 2.9%; notebook computer panels shipped 16.41 million units, a monthly increase of 11.6%. The shipment performance of panel computers for regular tablets continued to grow, which was 27.4% higher than the previous month. Shipments came to 6.34 million tablets. The small-sized pen panel was adopted by the second-tier white card manufacturers to carry the tablet computer-like products. It also continued to drive the total shipments in May to 4.11 million, an increase of 21.1% from April.

According to individual manufacturers, the total shipments in May ranked in the order of LG Display, Samsung Electronics, New Chi Mei, and AU Optronics, with shipments accounting for 28%, 24.4%, 18.6%, and 16.2%, respectively. Among them, LG Display was the shipping champion for applications such as TV, Notebook, and Tablet. New Chimei Electronics took the lead in shipping MNT panels, leading the pack. In the Chinese market, panel makers accounted for the most competitive LG Display and New Chi Mei Electronics, which are also the two manufacturers with the most significant growth in panel shipments. They respectively increased shipments by 12% and 11% over the previous month. Samsung Electronics and Friends Daguang Optoelectronics also increased its shipments by 5% and 4% respectively from the previous month.

In the first quarter and the second quarter of the panel market, the panel market was affected by factors such as shortages and lack of materials, daily shocks, and global economic recovery. As a result, panel shipments were suppressed to a considerable extent in the first half of the year, and the supply of oversupply was greatly improved. situation. However, in the second quarter, panel makers all hope to increase the production rate to improve production costs and increase panel prices in order to achieve a balance of profit and loss or reduce losses during the quarter, and immediately expect the arrival of demand in the third quarter of the peak season. See the cloud and see it on the sky. However, in the long-term, supply and demand for panels are still in excess of supply. If the demand in the third quarter is not as strong as expected, whether it is the gradual increase of finished products and semi-finished products in the hands of panel makers or downstream brands, it may become a deterrent to the panel offer in the third quarter. Uplifted bombs.