Achievement Model Leads Innovation - Netac 2010 Continues Record of Mobile Storage

Achievement model Leading innovation - Netac 2010 continues to record new record of mobile storage In the mobile storage market, the portability, capacity, and performance of products have always been the most direct factor in attracting consumers. Therefore, the leading companies in the technology seem to hold the initiative to lead the market. However, with the popularization of chip technology, the global market dominated the market structure, and it has long since given way to three points because of the emerging new forces. As more and more of the world's big manufacturers shift their technology-oriented R&D concepts to management and applications, domestic manufacturers are also making a difference and keeping pace. As the inventor of the world's first flash disk, Netac Technology, a well-known mobile storage company in China, not only aggressively pursued the security encryption market, but also made further efforts in the SSD market.

The new concept leads the new pattern In 2010, for the mobile storage market, the market segmentation continues to guide the development of the flash disk towards a more mature and diversified direction. It continues to promote innovation, consolidate, grow, and continuously advance in a steady and steady manner. For SSDs that were put on the shelf for price reasons in previous years, if 2009 is the first year of SSD, then 2010 is the first year for SSD to make big strides. Now it is ushering in the vigorous development trend of the entire industry.

Looking at the entire industry, product competition is not just behind the strong support of innovative technologies, but also the exploration and contest of product management and application concepts. This is the most obvious distinction between professional manufacturers and small factories and brands. Therefore, in the mobile storage market in 2010, technology leadership is not the key to success or failure, and the promotion of safe storage concepts and application management platform upgrades have become the focus. Under the guidance of the new concept, as the creator of the world’s first flash disk, the leading brand in the domestic mobile storage field, the continuous release of new Netac products, and the strong support of new technologies, the concept of the domestic industry has quietly changed. .

The new definition of Secure Encrypted Mobile Storage was first and foremost the idea of ​​a secure encryption flash disk concept that is thought to bring yet another revolutionary significance to mobile storage. It is no accident that Secure Encryption Flash Disks became the mainstream development product of the 2010 market, because mobile storage is no longer just portable, plug-and-play, simple things today with highly developed information. The needs of the office environment, the existence of corporate competition, and the threat of information security have made safe storage products popular.

To this end, Netac applied the product's technology application and security management concept to the product. In the first half of the year, the "Fully Encrypted Explosion-proof Wall + Steel Shell" encrypted flash disk "Steel Core" and the dual-zone encryption product U662 have become representatives of powerful technologies and outstanding safety management. Not only adopt the most advanced 256-bit hardware encryption technology, but also on this basis to achieve anti-violence cracking, anti Trojans, timing encryption, file shredding, password limits and other technical extensions. What is most special is that Netac encrypted flash disk also follows the user-friendly concept of use, and each has a resizeable public storage area and a private area. The design of the dual-private area where the U662 exists at the same time but not at the same time has become a model for combining the most special technology and management applications in the secure flash memory market. Similarly, Netac’s advantages in product design follow the trend. The stainless steel casing makes the U661 and U662 secure storage more reliable. The fashion elements and design style are innovative, allowing the original ultra-fast U258 flash drive, K306 and K202 to move. Hard drives are more satisfied with the concept of white-collar workers and fashion needs.