Domestic industry join hands to promote the industrialization of polysilicon

From November 17 to November 19, China's polysilicon production technology and industrialization promotion meeting was held in Luoyang, the ancient capital. The theme of this conference is to build China's green energy through independent innovation and actively promote the domestic polysilicon industry technology exchanges. Experts called for the fastest speed to promote the transformation of the polysilicon industry from "Made in China" to "Created in China."

As a basic material supporting the microelectronics and photovoltaic industry, polysilicon belongs to the sunrise industry. It has flourished in China in recent years and the global polysilicon production has grown rapidly. This year, global production will reach 140,000 tons, and it is expected that China's capacity will reach 80,000 tons.

However, the current situation that cannot be ignored is that China's polysilicon industry has a series of problems such as low content of independent intellectual property rights, poor capability of independent innovation, high energy consumption, and relatively serious pollution. Many companies have imported foreign equipment one after another, but they cannot obtain advanced foreign cores. Technology, foreign equipment localization capacity is not strong, resulting in large production capacity, but the phenomenon of unsuccessful driving is prominent, and the gap between production capacity and output is very different. In addition, most of China's polysilicon products are low-end rough-processed products, and there are few electronic-grade products, which have no international competitiveness.

In view of the current situation that domestic polysilicon companies are behind closed doors and have not formed a concerted effort, the participating experts and corporate CEOs have reached the following consensus: First, through the "China Chemical News" and other media and associations to organize more communication, carry out regular technical exchanges and break technical barriers. , To avoid risks and form a "Chinese-created" technological synergy; Second, to eliminate industry barriers and standard thinking, establish a large industrial chain thinking, penetrate from the non-ferrous industry to the chemical industry, and adopt more mature domestic chemical technology and equipment. , Joining new energy, with independent innovation to enhance the strength of polysilicon industry; Third, the introduction of the polysilicon industry as soon as possible standards and barriers to entry, and urge the country to introduce relevant policies as soon as possible to support the dominant enterprises, to avoid duplication of low-level construction, focusing on promoting polysilicon high-end product development.

The conference was sponsored by China Chemical News, supported by Luoyang China Silicon High-tech Co., Ltd. and Beijing University of Chemical Technology. Representatives from major domestic polysilicon manufacturers and nearly 100 experts from the industry attended the conference.