Yuhong's May revenue is expected to grow and is optimistic about Q3

LED packaging factory Yu Hong said that at the end of April, affected by the May Day holiday, orders for SMD package components will be deferred until May shipment. The order size is about NT$20~30 million. May revenue is expected to be 4 The monthly growth of 277 million yuan, but the actual growth rate is still pending settlement at the end of the month.

Qi Hong pointed out that the current capacity utilization rate has risen to 70~80%, but the figure has not yet reached the company's internal standards. As the demand for orders grows, it is expected to reach more than 90% in the third quarter.

Yu Hong said that although the amount of orders received in a single month is not bad, the current capacity utilization rate has gradually grown to 70-80%. However, after the LED industry has had a sluggish experience last year, customers' orders are still conservative. Therefore, the visibility of Shunhong orders is still only one month. The overall market conditions are still not very clear. The situation in the third quarter is still cautiously optimistic.

Description of Stacked D-Sub I/O Connectors
Antenk's connectors are designed for applications requiring multiple connector ports with limited PCB space
The condensed footprint of Antenk's dual port D-sub solution is available in four industry sizes, three connector spacing options, and six hardware configurations for one of the broadest stacked D-sub offerings on the market in standard and high-density variations.

Stacked D-sub I/O Connectors are designed for applications requiring multiple connector ports with limited PCB space. Two right angle D-sub connectors are stacked one on top of another, creating a single dual-port connector with a very condensed footprint.

Features  of Stacked D-Sub I/O Connectors
Available in four industry standard sizes:
Standard Density : 9, 15, 25, 37
Available in three connector spacing options: 0.625", 0.750", 0.900"
Available in six hardware configurations
High-temperature UL94 V-0 thermoplastic (260°C process temp)
High performance stamped contacts

Applications of Stacked D-Sub I/O Connectors
Commercial industry
Test labs
Gaming industry

Range of of Stacked D-Sub I/O Connectors

Male Stacked D sub Connector

Female Stacked D sub Connector
Standard Density Stacked D sub Connector
High Density Stacked D sub Connector
Dual-Port Stacked D-Sub Connectors

Stacked D-Sub I/O Connectors

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