Wu Changjiang and Schneider openly cracked the NVC lighting

Wu Changjiang, the founder of NVC Lighting, and the second and third largest shareholders, Softbank Saifu and Schneider, broke open.

Wu Changjiang overturned the earlier "physical reasons for leaving the job" on Weibo on July 12, and for the first time admitted that he was forced to "resign" by the board of directors. On July 12th, NVC Lighting held a staff meeting of 100 employees and a dealer operation meeting, and proposed to the board of directors to let Wu Changjiang return and Schneider withdraw, and asked two representatives to enter the board of directors.

Some participating dealers revealed that at the meeting, everyone agreed that "the layman can't lead the insider" and proposed that the current chairman of the company and the chief partner of Safford Investment Fund can not interfere with the operation and management. More dealers threatened: "Schneider is getting out, suppliers can raise money to let Schneider get out!" NVC executives said, "If Schneider does not withdraw, then NVC lighting staff will start to strike tomorrow!"

He said that I did not expect everyone to be so much about management and Schneider. However, the appeal to everyone cannot be expressed on the spot, and it must be handled according to the board of directors. This statement was accused by the dealers of "fooling everyone's IQ."

As of press time, I was forced to press the phone with Wu Changjiang and Wu Changjiang rushed to the scene. Negotiators have suspended negotiations with directors such as 阎.

NVC's profit fell more than 50% in the first half of the year

Seven years ago, NVC Lighting experienced a "company earthquake". There were serious differences among the three major shareholders of NVC. Wu Changjiang was forced to give up the position of the chairman and asked to take 80 million yuan to completely withdraw from the mine. However, on the third day after signing the agreement, the supplier and dealer support regained the dominant position. This time, it was the “uprising” of employees and dealers, which supported Wu Changjiang and the history was repeated again.

NVC staff and dealers thoroughly "showdown" with NVC's second and third largest shareholders, Saifu and Schneider. The content of the negotiations between the two sides is that the first reorganization of the board of directors can not allow the lay leaders to be expert; second, to obtain more employee options; third, to let Wu Changjiang return to NVC as soon as possible; fourth, to ask Schneider to withdraw from NVC.

"Please respect the operation center, otherwise you can't get anything." A supplier representative said at the scene: "Schneider is getting out, suppliers can raise money to let Schneider get out!"

Some dealers said that they are facing the problem of falling orders and skyrocketing stocks. "No way to live", the board of directors must be allowed to return to Wu Changjiang. "Wu always comes back, everyone makes money, NVC is everyone, not a few of you, I look forward to the board of directors to ask Mr. Wu to come back, otherwise the goods will be received, and the transfer will not work." NVC insiders revealed that NVC's profit decline in the first half of the year above 50. In June of this year, sales were only over 100 million, compared with nearly 400 million yuan in the same period last year.

The demands made by the dealers and others did not receive the on-site approval of Saifu and Schneider, and the on-site staff once clashed with Yan. After reconvening the meeting at two o'clock in the afternoon, he still said that there was no way to give a clear statement at the scene. It was necessary to follow the procedures of the board of directors. He asked to leave the venue on the grounds of the district government's appointment, but he was opposed. As of press time, under pressure, Wu Changjiang had a phone call and Wu Changjiang rushed to the scene. Negotiators have suspended negotiations with directors such as 阎.

Wu Changjiang Weibo back
A few hours before employees and dealers and Saifu and Schneider exchanged fire, Wu Changjiang, who had been in the air for a long time, issued five Weibo posts in the early hours of the morning and publicly admitted that he was "resigned."

“On May 20th, I hired a consultant in 2009 to assist the relevant departments to inquire about the investigation. For the respect of the directors and major shareholders, I told Mr. Qi for the first time. May 21st阎焱 (The chief partner of Safford Investment Fund, the current chairman of NVC Lighting) told me that after consultations with the directors, I was unanimously asked to resign from the position of chairman, CEO and affiliates, and asked me to evade for a while." I don't understand why the directors have already decided to discuss it. What else can I explain? "

On May 25, NVC Lighting announced Wu Changjiang's resignation. Softbank Saifu Partner and Schneider Low Voltage Terminal Operations Director Zhang Kaipeng served as Chairman and CEO respectively. A person familiar with the matter disclosed to reporters that Safran and Schneider reached a tacit agreement: Schneider intends to completely control the NVC, Saifu can withdraw from the high position.

At that time, Wu Changjiang only said that he “had a short period of physical and mental exhaustion and wanted to take a break for a while”. He said that his resignation was not a suspicion of gambling, and there was no disagreement between the shareholders of the directors. Time, I will still be back, I poured my life's efforts for NVC, I will not and will never give up." But then Wu Changjiang deleted this Weibo.

The above-mentioned insiders said to the South, whether it is in the company management model or development concept, Saifu is very different from Wu Changjiang, and the two sides are constantly rubbing in cooperation. Wu Changjiang’s “more casual” approach to dealers’ credit line has been criticized; NVC Lighting and Wu Changjiang signed a tens of millions of dollars worth of foundry agreements in factories controlled by Chongqing’s Rongchang and Wanzhou, which were questioned by Safford For the "transportation of interests"; Wu Changjiang's loyalty, family and even the management mode of the rivers and lakes, makes Saifu quite uncomfortable.

The stock price fell 35% in the month and a half

On July 10th, Weibo issued a microblog, which means that NVC under Wu Changjiang’s leadership is not desirable.

Wu Changjiang responded to Weibo yesterday. "NVC has done its best from scratch, and it is well-known in the Chinese business community. Only those who have done business know a bitter and bitter... You should give them more encouragement and support. Instead of ridiculing and ridiculing, they said that they are not big." Wu Changjiang admitted for the first time that the introduction of the employer's gains and losses, "I should not agree that too many people who do not understand the industry and have no experience to enter the board of directors, the lay leaders must have problems!"

"Zhu Hai (the president of Schneider China) thought that they had completely controlled NVC. In fact, in the face of stock plunging, the performance is bleak, orders are reduced, they have no way!" NVC lighting staff said.

Wu Changjiang resigned for a month and a half, and the share price of NVC was "blood". Yesterday, NVC Lighting plunged 6% to close at HK$1.41, and the opening price was 2.16 Hong Kong dollars on May 25, a drop of nearly 35%.

New and old NVC chairman PK

Yan Yan: The board of directors did not close Wu Changjiang. He could return. As long as he met three conditions: First, he must explain the investigated incidents with shareholders and the board of directors. Second, it is not allowed to handle all listed company supervision rules. The related transaction; the third is that the board resolution must be strictly observed.

Wu Changjiang: Everyone knows that he (阎炎) is criticizing me and attacking me. First, I said that I have concealed the truth from the board of directors. Second, I said that I have improper connected transactions. Third, I said that I do not respect the board of directors. These three crimes are big enough, but I will never accept it!

Yan Yan: Why is China's private enterprises not doing much, and it has a great relationship with the institutionalization and transparent management of enterprises. This experience should be the pain of growth. I believe that Wu will also learn from his own lessons and complete the transition from a grasshopper hero to a mature, self-disciplined modern business manager.

Wu Changjiang: NVC has been a masterpiece in the Chinese business community since its inception. Today, only those who have done business know a bitter and bitter, and China’s reform and opening up is only 30 years. I admit that Chinese entrepreneurs still In the process of learning, there are still immature places, we should give them more encouragement and more support, instead of ridiculing and ridiculing that they are not doing much, you try. Who dares to say that Liu Chuanzhi and Ren Zhengfei are not great?

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