China Photovoltaic New Energy Regains New Machine and Enters New Road of Development

China Photovoltaic New Energy Regains New Machines Opinion: In the beginning of April this year, without the support of the government, it is inevitable that some photovoltaic companies are worried about their future development. However, this year's government work report has made 19 revisions in total, changing “stop blind expansion of solar and wind power industries” to “prevent the blind expansion of solar and wind power equipment manufacturing capabilities”. The amendment in one sentence condenses the Chinese government’s cleanliness. The concern for energy development and the concern of all parties.

Recently, there has been a new development atmosphere for the photovoltaic industry that has been talking about a lot. Zhang Guobao, director of the State Energy Commission’s Expert Committee, said: “Reports are intended to refer to the relevant manufacturing industries, not to the wind and solar photovoltaic power generation industries, and should guide the scientific development of solar and wind power generation. Wind power equipment and photovoltaic power generation materials, battery components and other fields In recent years, there has been rapid development and there has been a phenomenon of price vicious competition and overcapacity. These are indeed measures that should be introduced to regulate and guide them."

It is reported that the development of solar energy, wind power and other industries has indeed been overheated in recent years. The government report is indeed a good warning. But stopping the word is obviously too harsh. According to the analysis of relevant persons, the suppression should be a certain link or aspect in the solar photovoltaic industry, rather than the entire photovoltaic industry. This is enough to make the development of the photovoltaic industry from uneasy to "changing risk."

For the long-term development of China's photovoltaic industry, we must standardize the development path of wind power industry and solar photovoltaic power generation, prevent companies from blindly expanding equipment, first of all to accelerate the establishment, modification and improvement of technical standards for equipment manufacturing, strict grid detection, and development of power grid-friendly Wind power plant and solar power plant. Improve entry barriers for equipment manufacturing, promote technological advancement of enterprises, eliminate backward production capacity, and increase international competitiveness.

It is understood that a major feature of China's power grid development is the large-scale centralized development of new energy power generation and long-distance delivery. During the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period, China will integrate access systems for large-scale hydropower, large-scale coal-fired power stations, large-scale wind power base outbound projects and future large nuclear power bases, and focus on accelerating the construction of UHV AC synchronous power grids in North China, East China and Central China. China's photovoltaic industry is gradually on the right track and has a promising development prospect.

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