Wireless HD transmission video technology analysis

With the continuous advancement of technology in recent years, HD and wireless have undoubtedly become the two hot words of today, and they are also a major development direction of home theater in the future, and will become the focus of attention of manufacturers and consumers. At present, HD has become the main theme of the digital family. High-definition devices such as flat-panel TVs, high-definition projectors, and Blu-ray players have been widely accepted by consumers. However, if these high-definition devices can be connected together wirelessly to share and play movies, it is undoubtedly a temptation for consumers, and also allows digital home users to see the hope of wireless HD transmission.

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At present, there are two major wireless HD alliances that have gradually surfaced. They are WirelessHD and WHDI. In 2009, it will be the year of the test of the wireless HD video standards introduced by the two major alliances, and the actual wireless high-definition consumer electronics products were also launched in the first quarter of the same year.

Generation of wireless HD transmission technology

As high-definition enters home theaters and is popularized in modern homes, people are increasingly valued for the aesthetics of home theaters. The connection between TV, DVD player, projector and audio is often complicated and cumbersome, and it is incompatible with the decoration of the room, especially the placement of speakers in the home theater. The connection between it and the host is more difficult to handle. On the other hand, as HD flat-panel TVs gradually enter the bedroom and study, watching TV is no longer limited to the living room. However, the digital high-definition TV set-top box and Blu-ray player are still in the living room, and are bound by the wire. The TV in the bedroom and the study can only watch ordinary TV programs. Therefore, Sony's wireless high-definition video and audio transmission equipment LF-W1BR better solves this problem.

However, more and more connections between the complex devices required to support high-definition multimedia home theaters are coming, and the Sony LF-W1BR adopting the IEEE 802.11 b/g wireless LAN transmission standard has not been able to fully cope with it. In addition, its transmission rate is not very high, so the new wireless HD video standard has also begun to brew. Finally, the two major alliances of WirelessHD and WHDI launched a new wireless HD video standard in 2008, which indicates that it will say goodbye to the connection between the various complex devices needed to support high-definition multimedia home theater. However, the new technology and new standards also have its limitations - there is no strong wireless wall penetration capability, which is also compared with the Sony LF-W1BR.

After years of discussion, all of the top TV manufacturers in the industry have announced that they will have wireless HD options. Recently Mitsubishi said it will use WHDI to send compressed HD video signals using the 5GHz band. Wireless TV products may be launched as early as this fall.

Sharp has already sold WHDI-based TV products in the Japanese market, but at least this fall will not release similar products in other countries. The wireless HD technology currently embedded in the camera comes from Belkin, Gefen and Sony, while the brands that are likely to use wireless HD TV are Sharp, Mitsubishi and Sony.

WirelessHD is a competition alliance of WHDI, which uses a frequency of 60 GHz and a transmission distance of up to 20 meters. Basically it covers all the rooms in the house. Samsung, Panasonic and Toshiba have promised to launch WirelessHD products. These all indicate that the new wireless high-definition transmission technology has taken a new step toward practical use.

Features of wireless HD transmission technology

The wireless HD standards introduced by WirelessHD and WHDI use 60 GHz and 50 GHz respectively. In the transmission process, they are all transmission methods using one-way transmission. For example, a broadcast device such as a Blu-ray player is used for signal transmission; a display device such as a flat-panel TV or a projector is responsible for signal reception. Compared with the IEEE 802.11 b/g wireless LAN transmission standard adopted by the current popular Sony LF-W1BR, the data transmission rate of the two standards is higher, which is much higher than the 54Mbps of the Sony LF-W1BR, which can meet the 1080P uncompressed. The high-definition video needs wireless transmission, and the current standard can only transmit 1080i high-definition digital signals. However, the transmission distance covered by the Sony LF-W1BR and the high penetration capability of the signal are also desirable for electronic products with new standards.

Since the two standards have a large bandwidth in the transmission process, this feature can display high-quality, high-definition, uncompressed, lossless video, and thus many manufacturers are coveted.

Good product compatibility is also a feature of the new wireless HD transmission technology. It can be used in a variety of home audio and video products, including televisions, projectors, high-definition disc players, game consoles, video recorders, set-top boxes, etc., which has been adopted and supported by many companies.

The development trend of wireless high-definition transmission technology

With the popularity of high-definition devices such as high-definition flat-panel TVs, high-definition DVD players, and high-definition projectors, the current home theater has entered the high-definition era. However, the current wireless technology is also driven by the strong momentum of HD. The emergence of new wireless high-definition transmission technology has led to the emergence of wireless high-definition transmission digital interfaces. The change of interface technology from "real" to "virtual" also indicates that the types of interfaces will be more and more.

The emergence of wireless high-definition transmission technology has mainly solved the connection problem between more and more complex devices required to support high-definition multimedia home theater. With it, the connection cables of various game consoles and HD disc players can be omitted. This makes its products have huge potential demand for some time to come.

However, when every new technology is introduced, it will always encounter a little more difficulty. The continuous advancement of wired HD transmission technology and the competition among various new wireless high-speed transmission technologies will make its development not smooth. Since this technical standard has just been introduced, the immature nature of its own technology may lead to some functional deficiencies. For example, the biggest dilemma of the new standard is that it does not have a strong wireless wall-through capability, which means that its products are largely limited to single-room use, and its effective transmission distance is very limited. In contrast, current wireless transmission technologies have significant advantages in this regard. However, from a long-term perspective, the author believes that wireless HD transmission technology will become more and more mature, and the fields involved will become more and more extensive. Therefore, its prospects are still bright.

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