High-tech LED indoor lighting design was successfully held in Chongqing National Station

On May 29th, 2012, the 7th stop of the National Circuit Tournament of Gaogong LED Indoor Lighting Design, Chongqing Station, was successfully held in the Aowei Hotel in Yubei District, Chongqing. This also means that the second phase of the National Circuit Tour Symposium on High-tech LED Indoor Lighting Design has come to a successful conclusion. This seminar, Chongqing elite designers almost all attended the venue, the entire venue "starlight." Together with local distributors and major brands participating in the national tour, the number of people at the conference was over 150.

Mr. Wu Vana, General Manager of Shoujia Decoration Co., Ltd., Mr. Jiang Tao, Design Director of Yuege Aesthetics Softcover Studio, Mr. Wu Changyi, Chairman of Maisuo Decoration Design Co., Ltd., Mr. Wei Gang, Design Director of Wei Gang Interior Design Studio, Shenggao Design Mr. Song Changyi, the design director of the firm, Mr. Zhang Li, the design director of Lumu Design Co., Ltd., Mr. Tan Wei, the designer of the Dianmei Meizhu Institute, Mr. Jian Yao, the deputy general manager of International Art Co., Ltd., and Li Shijin, the general manager of Chengwaicheng Lighting Wholesale City. Mr. is in person at the meeting. In addition, Mr. Li Bo, Design Director of Chongqing Shangchen Design Institute, Mr. Jiang Guangjun, Product Manager of Tsinghua Tongfang, Mr. Tan Jian, General Manager of Laiwei Optoelectronics, Mr. Yang Dong, Manager of Xinli Light Source Technology Department, Mr. Qian Wei, Manager of Guangyu Lighting South China, HEART HOUSE Indoor Mr. Li Zhenming, the general manager of the designer office, attended the meeting and gave a wonderful speech.

Jiang Guangjun: Tongfang LED Commercial Lighting Application

LED commercial lighting needs to provide dynamic, flexible, and controllable lighting to guide customers into the store. Using the eye-catching features of the human eye to guide customers into the shopping area, causing them to pay attention to special products, leading customers to complete the shopping process, constantly conveying a specific atmosphere or strengthening the shopping theme. In commercial lighting, the visibility and appeal of goods are important. Lighting specific products can enhance their overall image, emphasizing them and making them the focus of attention; shopping malls must create a comfortable light environment that allows customers to stay Spend more time, spend more money, and enjoy spending.

The advantage of Tongfang in the field of commercial lighting is that Tongfang can provide professional commercial lighting for lighting designers. As for the appearance of the lamps, each product of Tongfang belongs to its own mold opening, and various styles can provide designers with more commercial projects. More design inspiration. Tongfang's products are positioned at the middle and high end, have a complete industrial chain, and have considerable advantages in price control. In addition, Tongfang's technology precipitation in the high-tech IT field can provide necessary technical support for intelligent lighting in the future.

Tan Jian: The impact of illuminating angle on the creation of high quality commercial photos

The key lighting is an important component of commercial lighting, and the business photo needs to focus on the characteristics of the product, thus triggering the customer's desire to purchase. However, accent lighting requires a reasonable illumination angle to create high-quality commercial lighting.

First of all, a reasonable illumination angle can provide a reasonable brightness distribution. The main function of the brightness distribution is to perfectly emphasize the layering and better performance. Generally, the brightness distribution adjustment can be achieved by adjusting the illumination angle and the illumination angle of the luminaire. Taking the LED lighting of the Saudi jewelry store as an example, Laiwei Optoelectronics abandoned the traditional SMD LED counter lamp without secondary optical design. A small angle (20 degrees) LED lamp was selected as a jewellery counter lamp, which uses a small angle illuminator to achieve a reasonable distribution of brightness. The illuminating layering is full and can highlight the characteristics of jewellery and jade products, which is very suitable for jade jewelry. illumination. Secondly, the low-angle LED lamps have high light utilization and are very positive for energy saving.

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