Easy to boil into "LED rice channel"

[Source: "High-tech LED - Lighting Market" June issue / reporter Zhou Jianhua]

1 phenomenon

The price has caused the distribution channel to be in a dilemma.
"This 18-watt lamp is 130 yuan. How is it so expensive? The brand has not heard it. How is it more expensive than Philips?" Recently, the reporter visited the Shijie Lighting Street in Zhongshan City. I heard a consumer complaining about the store manager. The store manager explained: "This is a new light source LED product, 18 watts of brightness is comparable to traditional lighting products of more than 20 watts, life expectancy of 30,000 hours and very power saving."

Subsequently, the store manager moved out of the product description: one day according to 12 hours, can save 30% electricity bills than fluorescent tubes. "But I can't use it for so long every day, not to mention the light is a bit dazzling." Faced with a price nearly 10 times the difference, the consumer still "choos" the problem, and finally chose a 28-watt ordinary fluorescent tube.

Although the net profit of selling L ED products is 1 to 2 times that of traditional fluorescent lamps - 20% to 30%, because the unit price is too far apart, ordinary consumers (including first- and second-tier cities) still have a few "cold" LEDs. . Therefore, in addition to engineering orders, most of the provincial logistics companies, second- and third-tier distributors do not have much inventory of LED products, and the main force is not here.

In 2005, Zhang Woren, general manager of Guangzhou Yuezhi Lighting, which established the LED product sales division, told reporters: "With the promotion of the Asian Games project and supporting hotel projects, LED sales have decreased by about 15% year-on-year since last year. The field has a relatively low level of acceptance of new light sources.” Zhang said that so far, the proportion of LED product sales has not exceeded 10% every year, and the price war has become more and more powerful, and the profits are sometimes more traditional than those of some brands. Lighting products should be thinner.

Engineering channels gradually get rid of price constraints

2 questions

Is the goods not the same as the brand channel "normal"?

"Quality door" makes business chilling

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4 trends

Channel competition has suddenly heated up this year

Multi-channel construction test funds "fire"

5 strokes

LED channel "cooked" still needs a few fires

For more information, please refer to "High-tech LED - Lighting Market" magazine June issue

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