Puwei photoelectric LED tube passed the German TUV certification

Recently, Fujian LED lamp company Puwei Optoelectronics passed the German TUV (Technische Uberwachungsvereine) certification, the products passed from 60cm to 150cm, wattage from 8W to 32W.

The products that Puwei Optoelectronics passed this test not only have large size spans, but also have the same circuit structure in the complex product chain, reflecting the continuity and uniformity of its structural design. In the EMC & EMI (electromagnetic interference & anti-electromagnetic interference test) and surge voltage, photochemical biohazard test, all pass.

LED Advertising Display

Product categories of LED Advertising Display includes MC Pro series Door Led Screen, MC Xs series Cross LED Display, MC Smart series Double sided Led Screen, MC Wall Wall Hanging Led Display,MC Air Showcase LED Display

We are specialized manufacturer for small LED Advertising Display, mature supply chains are available to have competitive price. small LED Advertising Display is widely used in the door led screen industry, it gradually not only becomes the mainstream of the development now, but also city`s economic development coordinates. 

We insist to offer novelty and unique appearance, adjustable size LED screen and will be indicate to supply customers a complete set of LED display solutions.

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LED Advertising Display

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