Tianfu Square traffic environment comprehensive remediation night lighting project

Zhongzhao Lighting Engineering Design Award (Plaza Park Excellence Award)

Project Name: Tianfu Square Traffic Environment Comprehensive Renovation Night Lighting Project

Reporting unit: Sichuan Purui Lighting Engineering Co., Ltd.

Chengdu is a single-center, centralized plain city. Tianfu Square is the political and cultural landmark center of Tianfu Capital. Its form and status are similar to those of Beijing Tiananmen Square.

Tianfu Square mainly expresses elements such as “water culture”, “taiji culture” and “ancient culture”. The gods and dragons and the mountains and rivers are in the heart of the city. The golden sun gods shine and the giants stand tall. The dragon is out of the water, the fountain that sings and the singing and dancing are really a beautiful landscape in the city.

The transformation of Tianfu Square aims to reflect the status and functional lighting of the square as a “political and cultural center”. In terms of night lighting, the original lighting design is biased towards the courtyard style, and it is too scattered, not only the maintenance cost is too high, but also difficult to clean and replace the bulb. Therefore, the focus of the nightscape renovation of our design and construction lies in the fact that the lighting in the center of the square is bright and prominent, and the meaning is profound, which makes people remember and linger on the other hand; on the other hand, it strengthens the quality of its functional lighting, and emphasizes the basics of urban square assembly and leisure. Features.

The Taiji fisheye sculpture in the center of the square interprets the bronze civilization with blue-green light; the pool below the fisheye, the blue-white light slowly sways, and the two golden dragons symbolizing the Yangtze and Yellow Rivers from bottom to top, a flash However, the majestic momentum of the Panlong to the sea means that the Chinese civilization is endless. The Taiji pattern in the center of the square is outlined by a yellow buried lamp, emphasizing the integrity of the Taiji pattern. The large-scale viewpoint allows it to be recognized from a height, reflecting the leisure and comfortable living atmosphere and health culture of Chengdu.

In terms of functional lighting, the garden lights and totem column lights were rebuilt, and Yulan street lights and high pole lights were added. The "Shenshu Lantern" on the inner ring of the square and the "Fengwei Light" on the outer ring were replaced by a 25-meter high pole lamp and a 12-meter magnolia lamp, which were integrated with the magnolia lamp of Renmin South Road, and the illumination was higher than the original. Six or seven times more, and more economical, the overall brightness of the square at night is improved. In addition, the glare projected by the high pole lights at night, combined with the decorative LED lights installed on the dragon-shaped column and controlled by the program, will produce the visual effect of the dragon ascending to heaven and become a new landscape in Chengdu.

After the completion of the night scene reconstruction, Tianfu Square's atmosphere of concise lighting effects re-presented in front of the public, showing Chengdu's broad mind, interpreting thousands of years of ancient civilization, rendering the beautiful night scenes of the country of Tianfu!

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