Smart home appliance consumer experience is king

Smart home appliance consumer experience is king

Each year, the home appliance market will send out products containing new technology applications to promote further industrial upgrading. Smart home appliances have become the new darling of many manufacturers from the concept to the landing. Samsung, LG, Changhong, Konka and others have all adjusted their strategies to focus on smart cards. With the intensifying trend of home appliance intelligence, does "smart" equal to "humanization"? This remains to be discussed.

This year's color TV market will be a dilemma. The number of sales will be difficult to increase, and the price war will sacrifice the profits of enterprises. Some TV companies in 2013 will either suffer losses or make little profit. Most color TV companies did not complete their sales forecast from January to March this year.

Along with the increasingly complete category of smart appliances, smart home products have seen an explosive growth, and domestic and international home appliance giants have also paid more attention to the acceleration of industrial intelligent system planning. However, at this stage, the development of our smart home industry is still fragmented.

Industry analysts pointed out that a single-feature home appliance is no longer a prerequisite for consumers to purchase, and gradually refined audiences require that manufacturers continue to meet the user's high-quality experience.

According to the analysis, smart home appliances are not an independent system and require the support of out-of-city technology and the follow-up of the entire industry chain. Many companies are currently rushing into the smart home appliance market. I think most of them lack skills and in the long run, More harm than good. It does not make much sense to load an intelligent function by itself in an actual application. The intellectualization should take into account the interconnection of the whole household appliance and the complete system of the product from the very beginning, and at the same time, it must also consider the after-sales problem.

Based on the development of software applications last year, color TV manufacturing companies will focus more on the changes in smart TV interaction modes, the customization of personalized products, and the implementation of home-warehouse systems solutions centered on smart TVs. For enterprises such as Changhong, TCL, and Hisense that have proposed home-based Internet planning, in the context of the Internet-based, intelligent, and big-data cloud era, differentiation needs to be done to gain more voice.

Industry experts say that unfriendly and unreliable maintenance for older people is a common problem in smart home appliances. Therefore, companies should not simply do addition, one-sided pursuit of high-end, consumer experience is king.

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