Smart car rapid development in 2015, the market size will exceed 150 billion

With the rapid development of automotive intelligence, car navigation is facing the impact of the increasingly prosperous mobile Internet navigation. Mobile navigation and rich functional experience have diverted the market share of professional car navigation to varying degrees. Where is the road to professional car navigation going? Chen Chunlin, chairman and general manager of a company, said in an exclusive interview that by 2015, the market size of China's smart cars will exceed 150 billion yuan, and the market prospect is broad. Car navigation has its irreplaceable role and will not "disappear".

At present, the average consumer still stays on the car as the main means of transportation, car navigation also pays more attention to its basic navigation function. Therefore, as far as the development and upgrade of the car navigation industry is concerned, with the rapid development of the car's intelligentization, the single-function navigator in the car may also face the fate of “disappearing”.

Chen Chunlin said that the current market threat of mobile navigation to car navigation is very limited and may be short-lived. Although mobile navigation itself has the advantages of convenience and rich functions, it is not a special development for car driving, and it is an extremely important security issue. It is difficult to balance. In addition, according to analyst firm Analysys think tank, the penetration rate of China's car network users is expected to exceed the critical value of 10% by 2015, when the market size of China's smart cars will exceed 150 billion yuan.

Although the development of intelligence and Internet technology is changing the pattern of automotive products and the automotive industry, “iCar” will become a reality, but from the current point of view, it is subject to relevant technical strength, national policies and regulations, and consumer awareness and acceptance training. The impact of factors, the domestic car network is also the advanced stage of smart car development will come around 2020.

Chen Chunlin pointed out that the current domestic car navigation industry is still in the mixed stage of the market, only hundreds of well-known people, the product quality is also uneven, but with the industry's intelligent upgrade to the core technical requirements, the industry will face a big round in the future The extent of shuffling, most companies lacking core technology will face elimination.

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