Lighting industry: price war is not as good as the battle

Lighting industry: price war is not as good as the battle
Price marketing is a better strategy for lighting industry
Promotions should not only be to give prices to gifts, but to make consumers feel the joy of shopping and multiple benefits. Lighting companies must try to increase the entertainment of promotions and increase the interest because customers are not just buying things. We want to have a pleasant experience in the shopping process, turn shopping into a fun thing, increase the participation of consumers, do not promote for the sake of goods, we must focus on promotion, attract people, and sell natural products. Now.
It can be said that the price war is a subordinate strategy for lighting companies to compete in the market. This strategy can provide consumers with a little benefit in the short term, but for lighting companies, if they make profits on the basis of long-term adoption, they must Constantly reducing costs and reducing product quality can be a devastating blow to the company’s own development and construction.

Brand marketing should pay attention to attacking heart
Promotion should pay attention to strategies, but also to return to the promotion itself - brand marketing, and in the brand marketing, the timeless route is public service marketing. As an important step in corporate brand strategy, lighting companies need to not only strengthen cooperation with non-profit organizations, but also to grasp the core of public service marketing - to attack the heart, to make good use of public welfare marketing tools, for the development of enterprises and market development for the benefit.
There are many strategies for promotion, but all kinds of promotional activities must eventually return to brand marketing and brand operation itself. This requires major lighting companies to make every effort to enhance their own strength, especially product strength, so that the brand's promotional activities Give consumers affordable, give brand power, in order to make the brand's development road go further and gain more value-added space!

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