Grinding ARM Industrial Tablet PC Application in Electric Vehicle Charging Piles

First, system overview

Electric vehicles can use electricity instead of oil to achieve "zero emissions" and "low noise", which is an important means to solve energy and environmental problems. With the rapid development of battery technology, electric vehicles have approached or even surpassed traditional fuel vehicles in terms of performance and economy, and they have been rapidly applied in the world in recent years. Clean, environmentally friendly and energy-saving electric vehicles have become the world's automotive industry. Industrial development hot spots and inevitable trends. The charging system provides energy supply for the operation of electric vehicles. It is an important basic support system for electric vehicles and an important link in the commercialization and industrialization of electric vehicles. As an essential means for battery charging, electric car chargers directly affect the service life of batteries and the promotion of electric cars. In order to promote the popularity of electric vehicles in the world, various countries have begun to build a large number of electric car charging. "The network", the construction of electric vehicle charging stations (pile) quickly spread across the world.

Second, the system requirements

1. Most of the charging stations for electric vehicles are built on the side of outdoor roads, taking into consideration the characteristics of high temperature, dusty and wet environments, and strong environmental adaptability.

2. The number of electric vehicle charging station outlets is generally more and more dispersed and the maintenance cost is higher, so the products are required to have high average failure-free running time.

3, to provide outdoor users and operators in the outdoor visual interface, with a wide viewing angle characteristics.

4, with FLASH or CF card storage media, you can install the operating system and store advertising content.

5, can achieve the owner of the free battery charging terminal to operate, requires a high-brightness touch panel.

6, can be flexible external card readers, printers, power meters and other equipment, requiring products with multiple serial and CAN communication


Third, the system description

The system is mainly composed of four parts: electric vehicle charging pile, concentrator, battery management system (BMS), and charging management service platform. The terminal controller of the electric vehicle charging pile is mainly completed by the 10.1-inch touch-control display and control integrated machine PPC-1012 of the RISC platform. Users can self-service card swiping for user authentication, balance inquiry, billing inquiry and other functions, and can also provide Voice output interface for voice interaction. Users can choose 4 kinds of charging modes according to the LCD display instructions: including charging on time, charge by power, auto full, charging by mileage, etc.

The electric car charger controller and the concentrator use the CAN bus for data exchange, and the concentrator and server platforms use the wired Internet or the wireless GPRS network for data exchange. For safety reasons, the electricity billing and amount data are securely encrypted.

The main function of the battery management system (BMS) is to monitor the operating status of the battery (battery voltage, current, and temperature), predict the battery capacity (SOC) of the battery and the corresponding remaining mileage, and perform battery management to avoid overdischarge. The phenomenon of serious voltage imbalance between overcharge, over-charge, overheating, and individual cells maximizes the use of battery storage capacity and cycle life.

The charging service management platform mainly has three functions: charging management, charging operation, and comprehensive inquiry. Charge management manages the basic data related to the system in a centralized manner, such as electric vehicle information, battery information, user card information, and charging pile information; charging operations mainly charge users for charge management; comprehensive query refers to management and operation data Conduct comprehensive analysis queries.

Fourth, the system block diagram


V. Advantages of EVOC products

 High-performance Cortex A8 architecture. Multiple embedded systems support Linux 2.6, Android 2.3, Wince 7.0

All industrial-grade devices and components are used. The whole machine features high vibration resistance, dust resistance, and low heat generation, and is suitable for harsh industrial environments.

 10.1 inch high brightness display (1024*600)

 resistive touch screen, all-metal structure to meet industrial needs.

 The main communication interface adopts isolation design (serial port, CAN) and lightning protection of the network port. The EMI of the whole machine reaches Class A, and the EMS reaches Level 2. Multiple charging posts can be cascaded together via RS-485 interfaces. The server can control each self-charging terminal through Ethernet.

 Comes with two CAN interfaces to meet the CAN2.0 standard.

 Support optional WIFI, 3G communication

 Support 9~30V wide voltage input, optional isolated power supply.

 Built-in RTC and watchdog


Order List

Seven conclusions

In the terminal control system of the electric vehicle charging station, the PPC-1012 can realize the charging control of the battery for the electric vehicle well because of its high integration of functions and high reliability of the performance, and the charging operation can be realized quickly and conveniently. , And can collect all kinds of on-site charging parameters in real time, accurately and conveniently displayed on the local touch screen and manage the data.

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