LED packaging accessories price landslide enterprises trapped in the predicament

According to the LED industry insider broke the news, "Many silica gel agents can't do this year, the glue is now far lower, and basically can't make money."

What is the state of survival? Are stents and phosphor manufacturers as difficult to survive as glue manufacturers?

He Daxian, LED project manager of Evergrande's new materials, said that “the price of the package is too fast, so the price of the accessories should be reduced accordingly.”

Insiders pointed out that in order to save the cost of the intermediate link, the packaging factory obviously prefers the direct purchase method of B2B compared to the agent. Today's glue agents generally sell silicone to plastic bottles or glass bottles without any logo or only the agent's logo.

Sometimes the sales of brand glues handled by an agent are not good, they will also replace the agency brand. However, the bottle has not changed. It is difficult to see from the outside. Sometimes the inspection of the packaging factory is not serious, and it is very easy to use it directly. And there is a problem, if the agent "evaporates", the original factory is difficult to find.

This is one of the reasons why agents are getting more and more cold from manufacturers.

"Now the profits of agents have become less and less, they are not cheap in direct competition with manufacturers." Chen Xi, marketing director of Huitian Rubber Industry, said that in the case of smaller and smaller profit margins, abandoning agents It is very normal. Chen Yongsheng, general manager of Jieguo Electronics, also talked about this issue when asked by Gaogong LED and why he changed his agent from the original factory.

More and more glue agents choose to make their own products, which has led to a sharp increase in glue production capacity to a certain extent. However, the quality of the products is uneven and price-driven, which in turn leads to a vicious circle in the market, and many agents have disappeared.

From the perspective of the glue industry, “localization” has become a trend. Foreign brands are under great impact in the low-profile glue market with relatively low technical content, while the high-tech glue with higher technical content is less affected. At present, most of the people do low-fold and Molding, and they can only fight the price, but some glue prices are a bit too low.

Li Benjie, general manager of Lianlang New Materials, is very curious about why low-profile silicones can be so low-priced and go to these small factories to “learn”. He found that the reason why they can be sold so low is because they use the formula purchased outside, in fact, this formula is basically an open secret in the industry. The low-fold glue itself is relatively large, the raw material price is relatively low, add some additives after buying, find a large iron basin, stir with two chopsticks, put it into the box and sell it.

Because the technical content is very low, so like the rectangular photoelectric, Mulinsen have chosen to produce their own glue.

The competition for low-tech products has often evolved into price competition in the end. This is not the truth of truth. It is suitable for glue and for brackets, and it is also suitable for phosphors.

According to the latest data from the High-tech LED Industry Research Institute (GLII), in December 2012, most of the 3528 stents were priced at 20-22 yuan/K, and the current price is only 15-18 yuan/k. 50-52 yuan / K, the current price is 25-35 yuan / k. However, shipments have increased significantly.

Part of the phosphor, this year's price has also fallen too far. A salesman of a domestic phosphor manufacturer told reporters that the price of yellow powder has been spelled below 2 yuan / gram. At first, I still don't believe it, but from the feedback data of the High-tech LED Industry Research Institute (GLII), the yellow powder of 6-7 yuan/g in 2012 is generally 3-4 yuan/gram in 2013, but the price is 2 Yuan/gram is also a lot, and a Jiangmen company even reported an ultra-low price of 0.5 yuan / gram. The price of red powder has also dropped by 40%. In 2012, it can still be sold at 150 yuan/gram. In 2013, the good red powder is also 90 yuan/gram. The general price is around 70-80 yuan/gram.

In the summer, a rare earth manager engineer said that their phosphor shipments almost doubled this year, but the price has indeed dropped. From April to June, the market was relatively saturated, and the price dropped relatively slowly. However, after June, the market became relatively cold, and the price war began to become fierce, especially concentrated on the yellow powder with relatively low technical content.

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