LED full color screen future ten development trends

In recent years, full-color LED displays have gradually occupied the mainstream of the market and become the main source of sales for display manufacturers. With the improvement of the performance of LED products, the brightness, color and white balance of the full-color display achieve ideal results, which can fully meet the requirements of outdoor weather conditions. At the same time, due to the price-performance ratio of full-color display, It is expected that in the development of the next few years, full-color LED displays will increasingly replace traditional light boxes, neon lights, magnetic flaps and other products in outdoor advertising media, and outdoor single-color door screens are also full A huge market for color capture and replacement.
In the future, LED full color screen will continue to enhance product technology, expand market space, and at the same time take advantage of energy conservation and environmental protection to achieve a better, creative new application. To sum up, the future LED full-color display will show screen oversize, high-definition high-density, energy-saving, intelligent, thin and light, point-by-point school normalization, civilian, indoor screen outdoor, decorative landscape and display integration The screen enterprise also operates the top ten development trends of lighting.
First, the screen is oversized
The rise and development of full-color LED displays provide the basis and appeal for the over-sized screen. At present, some specific markets, such as large advertising business circles and large amusement parks, are building large-area LED displays in order to attract more attention from advertisers and audiences.
The world's largest LED display has always been in record. According to relevant statistics, there are currently seven classic cases of the world's largest LED full color screen. First, the Beijing Water Cube. The world's largest LED display building, with a total area of ​​12,000 square meters, has attracted worldwide attention as soon as it came out. Second, Guangzhou Haixinsha sails LED display. The important design of the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games is the most representative work of the world's mobile LED display. It is the highest technology combined with high-tech full control, with a total area of ​​8,000 square meters. Third, Suzhou Yuanrong Times Square. Known as the world's first LED canopy, with a total length of 500 meters, it is the world's largest known LED canopy, with a total area of ​​7,500 square meters. It is located in the Times Square of Suzhou Industrial Park, thus becoming a new landmark in Suzhou. . Fourth, Las Vegas Sky Street. It is 400 meters long and covers an area of ​​over 6,000 square meters. It is one of the most prosperous areas in the area. Fifth, Beijing World Trade Tianjie canopy. One of Beijing's commercial centers, 250 meters long, covers an area of ​​6,000 square meters. Sixth, Chengdu Global Center Ocean Park. This is the latest project of indoor LED display, covering an area of ​​4,080 square meters. It is the king of indoor full-color LED display in the world. Seventh, New York Times Square. This LED display with the building as a carrier is a very unique landscape in New York.
In the future, the over-sized LED full-color screen area will present more amazing projects, which is the trend of industry development and the embodiment of social development. However, it should be noted that while the full-color screen is pursuing a large area, it must consider the product quality of the display and the positive energy it brings.
Second, high-definition high density
High-definition high-density is the development trend of full-color screen display. In order to obtain a better viewing effect, the screen requirements of the display screen are from simple full color to realistic, to restore the authenticity of the color, and at the same time to achieve a comfortable and clear image display as a television on a smaller display screen. Therefore, high-definition displays represented by high-density and small-pitch LED displays will be the future development trend.
Different from the large-area display, high-definition high-density full-color screen is to pursue better display on a smaller screen, especially for high-density displays such as LED super TVs, to further expand in the commercial field and high-end civilian fields. Solving technical problems is the key. In the past, indoor screens were highlighted, while high-density displays were used indoors. Too high brightness was uncomfortable for the human eye. High-gray and high-brush indicators in low-light conditions were technical problems of high-density screens. Nowadays, high-density screen has become a popular product pursued by many companies in the industry, but the enterprises that truly occupy the technical height and the integration property of the whole system are rare. In the future, this is also a place that needs to be broken.
Third, energy saving
Energy conservation is the direction in which any industry in China is working hard. LED full color screens involve the use of electricity and operating costs, so energy conservation is related to the interests of LED full color screen operators, and also related to the use of national energy. From the current situation, energy-saving displays will not add much more cost than conventional displays, and will also save costs in later use, which is highly respected by the market.
In the future, the energy-saving of LED full-color screen will be a bargaining chip for enterprises. However, energy conservation is a trend, but it cannot be used as a gimmick for corporate competition. Energy-saving data cannot be arbitrarily marked by enterprises. At present, some companies in the market have attracted data such as 70% energy saving and 80% energy saving in order to attract attention. The real energy saving effect is difficult to measure. In addition, some people deliberately confuse the concept of energy saving with high brightness, and believe that the energy saving effect of the display depends entirely on high brightness, which is also an incorrect concept.
As an energy-saving LED display, it must be a comprehensive result of various indicators. High-brightness LED lights, drive ICs, switching power supplies, product power consumption design, intelligent energy-saving system design and structural energy-saving design are related to energy-saving effects, so energy saving The achievement of the goal requires the joint efforts of the entire industry.
Fourth, intelligent
Just like energy saving, intelligence is also the product of the development of LED full color screen to a certain stage. The intelligentization of LED full-color screen is reflected in the cooperation between display screen and intelligent operation, such as the new advertising mode of interactive game with pedestrians on the subway advertising screen that started at the end of last year. Through the intelligent sensing of the LED display, the people participating in the activity can complete the various actions prompted on the screen by hand-by-hand, including making breakfast, playing games and so on. This intelligent and interactive form of advertising has been well received by the audience and will appear on more advertising screens in the future.
In addition, the LED full color screen can also realize the intelligent broadcast control experience, especially the LED display and modern electronic devices such as mobile phones, IPAD, etc. to achieve remote control on-demand, intelligent playback and other functions, which will be more creative and modern use of the display in the future. provide technical support.
Five, thin and light
In order to meet the needs of the modern society, the LED full color screen works hard on the internal quality of the product, and the other side also strives for the external appearance of the product appearance, volume and weight. The thin and light full-color screen not only facilitates the installation and maintenance of the product, but also reduces the load on the supported building body, is safer, and increases the aesthetics.
The thin and light LED full-color screen has driven the trend of thinner and lighter related devices and parts, such as the lighter and thinner power supply products and the thinner and lighter cabinets.
In recent years, many incidents of full-color screen collapse and fall have occurred throughout the country, causing people to pay attention to the safety of full-color screens. In the future, when the thin and light display becomes the main form, the weight of the display itself will be greatly reduced, and the safety hazard will also be reduced.
Sixth, point-by-point school normalization
When the application of LED full-color screen is more and more extensive, people's pursuit of picture display is not limited to the effect of initial use, but hopes to maintain a good picture effect after a period of time. In the past few years, LED full-color screen point-by-point correction technology is still only a high-tech new technology, only large, high-end display can be used. More importantly, people do not care about point-by-point correction of full-color screens, lacking awareness of use.
With the increasing number of indoor and outdoor LED full-color screen projects, different quality display screens have begun to appear in people's field of vision. In contrast, the display without point-by-point correction obviously cannot meet the needs of the owners and the attention of the audience. . The point-by-point correction technology is constantly maturing and the price is declining. This beneficial technology makes the display of LED full-color screen more outstanding. In the future, point-by-point correction will become the normal technology of full color screen.
Seven, full color screen civilian
In the past, the use of LED displays was mostly high-end, high-end venues, such as banks, securities exchanges, etc., and mostly single- and dual-color displays. The emergence of full-color screens broke the use of display screens and quickly expanded the application space to indoors and outdoors. Advances in technology, the sharp decline in prices and mature service levels have made China's LED full-color screens become the world's largest manufacturing country, triggering the climax of domestic full-color screen use.
The users of LED full-color screens have gradually turned to civilians from the local folks. Small and medium-sized hotels, public-service supermarkets, private entertainment venues, etc. can buy and use LED full-color screens. Even the traditional single and double color door screens have gradually been replaced by full color screens, and LED full color screens have begun to enter ordinary self-employed households. Maybe one day in the future, we will see a variety of business information ads in full-color playback, and these are the markets replaced by the original single-color display.
Eight, indoor screen outdoor
The development of outdoor advertising has created a broad application space for LED displays. Traditional advertising media companies have strengthened the layout of outdoor displays and seized the local business districts. Even LED display manufacturers have joined the outdoor advertising industry and directly participated in the market competition. .
The hot market of outdoor LED displays has promoted the development of surface-mounted full-color screens. Due to the complicated installation environment, the outdoor LED display has high technical requirements, and it is not only necessary to cope with various severe climate changes, but also to protect against chemical gases such as automobile exhaust. A few years ago, outdoor LED full-color screens were almost all in-line. This change in trend is due to advances in outdoor surface mount SMD technology. The outdoor surface-mounted full-color screen has obvious advantages over the in-line type in terms of screen display, aesthetics, viewing angle, maintenance, etc., and is more suitable for outdoor use requirements.
However, there are still technical imperfections in the outdoor surface mount display, especially the domestic surface mount devices need to further improve the performance. In addition, the price of surface mount products is clearly higher compared to conventional straight-line lamps. In the market where the price is king, the widespread use of surface mount products on outdoor displays will take time.
In the future, outdoor surface-mounted full-color screens will gradually replace the in-line products, and truly realize the development trend of indoor screens. At the same time, the outdoor surface mount full color screen is also combined with the high density product. At present, the high density outdoor surface mount full color screen of P5 and below has been maturely applied.
Nine, decoration, landscape and display integration
When the buildings in the city are boldly and innovatively using the LED full-color display, how to integrate the display and the building more perfectly becomes the customer's request. In many cases, a building itself is a unique design. If you want to install LED display on the periphery or surface of the building, you need to pay attention to the clever design of the screen style. At present, there are many customized LED display screens that are designed according to the requirements of the building. The new styles such as strip screen and bead curtain screen can not only effectively display the screen, but also not block the building itself, and the appearance is beautiful and complement each other. In the future, LED display screens will be built with modern decoration, landscape, lighting, etc., to form a better creative display of the city.
Ten, screen enterprises and lighting
The tenth trend of LED display in the future is the relationship with lighting. When the LED display gradually enters the mature stage, the market growth rate is limited, and the competition is increasing day by day, the LED lighting prospects are infinitely enlarged, and the broad market capacity has attracted the entry of capital and enterprises inside and outside the industry. It has become common for display companies to invest heavily in lighting while operating the display. So far, the majority of companies in the display industry that are also engaged in lighting account for the majority, but the number is basically stereotyped.
In order to harvest their own market in the lighting market, display companies often need to face competition from traditional lighting companies, professional lighting companies, etc., and at the same time, before the lighting market completely broke out, this is a long-term, huge investment. Capital and strength determine the company's reserves. In the future, small businesses that want to invest in a market in both markets will be difficult to survive. As a cross-disciplinary enterprise that also engages in display and lighting, it needs to cope with the challenges and pressures from the two markets. If it is properly operated, it will double profit, and if it is not properly managed, it may be mutually restrained.
In addition to the above ten development trends, the LED display industry will also have new highlights and trends, such as more specialized users, more mature service teams, and gradually emerging emerging segments. In terms of the overall trend, the market for LED full color screens will develop steadily and mature.

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